When Breastfeeding Sucks!

Posted on: January 5, 2019 | Famillies, Feeding, Infant Feeding Specialist, Information, Motherhood

Breastfeeding can be beautiful. Breastfeeding is a natural form of feeding. Breast Milk has been proven to be organically superior than synthetic milk. You understand the why. You’ve stocked up on all of the accessories and gadgets. So what happens when breastfeeding sucks?

The pain of it all.

  • You’ve read, you’ve heard, and you’ve been taught that breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt. And it’s true! A successful breastfeeding session should not be painful. But what if it is?! Taking a class prenatally and experiencing the act of breastfeeding itself can be quite different. There may be tingling discomfort during a “let down”, which is the act of the milk flowing from your milk ducts. Then there’s achieving the perfect latch. Duck lips, tongue over lower gums, baby’s mouth filled with areola, not on nipple. The mechanics of latching a baby is enough to drive a new (sleep-deprived) mother bonkers. Not to mention when issues arise like mastitis or a plugged duct.

It’s draining.

  • Both mentally and physically, breastfeeding can be draining! Mentally you are clocking wet and poopy diapers. You are watching your baby (and the clock) for how long and how often you are feeding. You’re running through the cues of a well-fed baby in your head. Not to mention, Breastfeeding Aversions and Agitations (BAA) or Dysphoric-Milk Ejection Reflex (D-MER). Which can play a big part in the mental aspect of breastfeeding. Physically, your breasts are heavier and in most cases quite enlarged. They leak and they’re sore; so you slather ointment, you massage, you grimace.  Let’s face it, your breasts now have mind of their own.

The inconvenience.

  • Your wardrobe gets a little more creative when you are breastfeeding. You own more v-necks than ever before. Your lacy bras have morphed into nursing bras and camis. The nursing pads or milk collection cups, form a trace outline under your shirts. It’s a little more difficult to be modest. The time dedicated to creating a nursing nest, and sitting in one spot for 30+ minutes. Endless list of tasks run through your mind. You’re hoping to leave the house at a certain time to make that appointment. Yet, you know that baby could awake at any moment and want more. Which brings up the next ‘why breastfeeding sucks…’

You’re doing “that” here?

  • Breastfeeding in public is the nightmare of plenty new moms. How do you do it? What will people say? I have a difficult time with nursing in general, why would I put myself in public scrutiny? How can nursing in public be comfortable? The glaring staring eyes. For an already uncomfortable insecure nursing woman, the idea of releasing more modesty or navigating a whole new realm isn’t as beautiful as the calendars or nurse-ins portray. To cover, or not to cover? That is yet another uncertainty that often arises. When one doesn’t feel comfortable nursing in front of visitors in her own home, how can one feel comfortable nursing in public? Remember, above all, breastfeeding in public is a right that is protected by law.

With all of these (and many more) obstacles, we can understand why breastfeeding sucks! At Vegas Family Doulas, our skilled Infant Feeding Specialists have the privilege of assisting families to tackle the obstacles in their own breastfeeding journey’s. Breastfeeding isn’t an all or nothing ideal. What works for some, may not work for others. What occurs in some mothers, doesn’t occur in others. When constraints or complications arise in breastfeeding, Vegas Family Doulas provides resources to local trusted professional lactation consultants to aid you with the support, solutions, and knowledge that you seek.  When we address a fear, a concern, or question in the comfort of your own space with you, confidence rises. When breastfeeding sucks, Vegas Family Doulas is your toolkit.