What to Expect When She’s Expecting

Posted on: June 1, 2020 | birth, Body, Children, education, Famillies, Fatherhood, Information, Love, Motherhood, Parenting, Relationships

Congratulations, You’re going to have a baby! So now what?! Well, sit down and buckle up, because it’s going to be a ride. From hormonal changes to physical changes, week by week your beautiful partner will metamorphosis before your eyes. Here’s some things on what to expect when she’s expecting.

What to ExpectFirst Trimester

During the first trimester, your expecting lady will experience the hormonal changes of stress, mood shifts, and sleeplessness. The mental stresses of the first trimester harbor the countdown until the “safe zone” of a viable pregnancy. After 12 weeks gestation, (end of first trimester) statics of a miscarriage decreases to less than 5%. The first trimester harvests the most hormonal changes to the body.

Physically, you can expect the breasts to be ultra-sensitive to the touch. This is the body preparing for lactation production. Caressing is an understanding way to admire “the girls”. Nausea and her sister Vomiting, like to show up during the first 12 weeks due to the increased estrogen and HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Encouraging her with smaller, more frequent meals or suckling on hard candies are some ways to aid in this discomfort.

What to Expect-Second Trimester

In the second trimester (13 weeks gestation), hormones levels have well leveled more than in the first trimester. Excitement begins to surface as the news is shared with the people in your life that you guys are expecting. Mentally, if she has not begun to “show”, there can be that sense of doubt and missing out from the attention that blooms when a baby bump is present. Pep talks, new clothes, and bump rubs are a mood lifter!

Physically this is when the wave of energy finds its way back home. Swelling occurs due to the increased blood and fluid volumes. Breast size has increased and has become itchy. Blood flow and development of the breast tissue are the culprits. Round ligament pain/sciatica are caused from the stretching of the uterus, and baby’s developing movements. This uncomfortable and even at times painful encounter can be fended off with slow movements and stretches to loosen the ligaments.

What to ExpectThird Trimester

 It’s the final countdown! (We hope you sang that. Bonus points if you continued on with the sounds) Together you’ve made it to the third stage of pregnancy. You can see the baby shower, weekly prenatal appointments, and the estimated due date circled in the calendar. This last stage of pregnancy brings about it’s own set of fun hormonal and physical changes to know and notice. 

Pregnancy changes the body with headaches from spinal tension of carrying extra weight. Braxton-Hicks are the body’s way of preparing the uterus for labor. Braxton-Hicks can mentally play a dirty game on the mind in this final stretch of pregnancy, as Braxton-Hicks can make it seem like “it’s time” in these final weeks. Dehydration and a full bladder can be triggers for strong Braxton-Hicks. Restlessness occurs due to the mind wandering into interesting dreams and preparation checklists. Being a supportive ear through this stage is important. Create an evening ritual of a walk, a bath, a foot massage, a nice cup of chamomile tea, and a movie or conversation. These moments you’ll both treasure before the little boss arrives.  

Physically, the third trimester is when many first time mothers “pop”. Which is the official term of “showing”. A nice rotund baby belly now sits where a flat or mistaken identity of a “food baby”once sat months before. Bathroom breaks occur frequently as the baby is beginning to drop for birth preparation. Putting all its weight on mom’s bladder. Edema (or swelling) is most prominent in this third trimester. Fluids and elevating the feet are some quick ways to feel relief from swollen pains. Increased lower back pains due to positionings and size of the baby in the uterus. Massages will work wonders! Lest not leave out hemorrhoids. Increased blood flow and pressure on the recutm are caught red-handed. Draw her a warm bath, assist her to avoid prolonged sitting, and offer witch hazel pads to add comfort to an uncomfortable sit-uation. 

Once again, congratulations my friend! You’re going to embark on an adventure that will bring you tears of joy, tears of laughter, tears of uncertainty, and most of all tears of love. There’s lots to expect when she’s expecting, and we’re your “wingman” as you take this flight into parenthood. Welcome Aboard!

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