Virtual Doula Support

Posted on: April 25, 2020 | Babies, birth, Birth Work, Community, Doulas, education, Famillies, Labor, Labor Doulas, Parenting, Postpartum Doulas

Birth and Babies. Two things that can almost instantly put a smile on a face the moment the words are said. Unfortunately, with the heightened anxiety of the world due to Coronavirus disease, women who were once anticipating and celebrating the arrival of their Spring babies, are now frightened. The idea of delivering in a hospital, exposed to the risks of Covid-19 and possibly delivering alone, is nauseating. Yet the idea of delivering their babies at home is numbing. What is there to do? Three words: virtual doula support.

How can one generate the serenity of birth in a time of uncertainties?

Enter the support of your doula. A doula is a trained professional who provides physical, emotional, and educational support; during the periods of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Your doula’s support may look fairly different during the Covid-19 pandemic, but best believe it’s still there! Because physical support is only ⅓ of the services your doula embodies, supporting you emotionally and educationally are still on the table. Which can all be done virtually. While initially this form of support may not seem ideal, exceptional virtual support from your trusted doula is far better than no support from your doula.

What does virtual doula support look like? 

No matter the time or day, a doula keeps their phone handy in anticipation of the need for supporting a person on the other side. Prenatally, routinely scheduled check-ins with your doula can help you curate your birth plan, cover comfort measures, discuss current hospital policies, provide solace, what to expect in labor, answer questions, and more. During the throes of active labor, and delivery, having your doula accessible via phone or video can give you a focal point and a voice of calm. 

Although you may not get that snoring overnight slumber, postpartum doula support provided virtually can still be of great benefit in other ways. A scheduled daily check-in during those early weeks postpartum with your doula will help navigate the waters of “What should I do?!”, “Is this normal?”, and “I’m not okay.” That familiar friendly face of reassurance and non-judgement that your doula possesses can do more for your mental healing than you think. 

With all that is our “current”, remember it won’t be our “forever”. Adapt with the feelings, emotions, and happenings of each day as you encounter it. Your team of supportive doulas is by your side.