Vacation…All I Ever Wanted.

Posted on: October 20, 2018 | Children, Famillies, Motherhood, Parenting, Travel

Planning for a family vacation, let’s face it, “we” do it all! We truly, completely, unabashedly do it all. So why…WHY am I surprised when it’s expected of me? We have a tradition in our family that we celebrate 5 year old birthdays with a trip. So when my youngest child turned 5 in September, a trip we took. Along with our special “big sister” Jessica, Knotts Berry Farm and a day at the beach was on the docket of things to do.

Our family escaped the Vegas heat for sunny Cali-Forn-I-A.

But first comes the packing. Oooooh the packing! We are a family of six. While we now have older children, and have created a well-skilled system, packing is still a contact sport. The kids each have their own tote bags, and are in charge of packing it. We allow the children to pick out their outfits for each day (with guidance). The children know to bring 1 complete outfit for each day, with 1 extra outfit.

All pretty standard. All pretty easily seamless.

They pack their individual toiletries and “sneak” in little toys to play with at our resting place. Everything seems pretty streamlined, right? Yup that’s the plan I set in place to execute. Yet…I’m still mom, so it begins…

“Where’s my charger?”. “Where’s my one item that I haven’t played with in weeks, but HAVE TO HAVE on this trip with us?”. “Can you fix this this very last minute, because I really want to use it.” Ya know, all things that are small to me, yet everything to my children. And we (as moms) put out each of those fires.

Then it’s my turn.

“Do you have your water bottles?” (Oh! No I forgot it) “Did you pack your book/electronic/something to keep you occupied on relax time?” (Yup I’m bringing this janky coloring placemat from a restaurant) “Did you pack a pair of shoes?” (But Mom, I was planning on wearing my cowboy boots to the beach!).

I go back, check each and every bag. Adjusting the 8 bottoms to the 2 shirt ratios. Pack the toothbrush, hairbrush, electronics, the lovies, and the snacks. With kids excitedly strapped in their child safety seats waiting for take off, Mom is in the house unplugging appliances. Packing this, and repacking that. Locking doors, closing windows, setting alarms.

She’s checking her list, and checking it thrice. 

As I leave the house giving a once glance over from the door, with a sigh, the anticipation and anxiety shifts. Traveling safely, the providing the comfort while on vacation, making sure we don’t leave a beloved item behind, and returning home to a house that is still intact.

I enjoy traveling. WE as a family love to travel, and road tripping is our favorite. Through Utah and Colorado, up to Wyoming and over to Nebraska in a recreational vehicle has been some of our favorite trips. And without fail, with each and every trip, it’s wash…rinse…repeat.

Family vacation,

where the memories created are worth every moment of the chaos.