Traveling With A Baby

Posted on: March 28, 2022 | Activity, Babies, Parenting, Safety, Travel

Now that Evyn was 3 months old, Claudia had a wonderful idea to take a trip before she began the mom-life, work-life balance back to work in a two weeks. There were a lot of places near and far that she had decided would make a great getaway destination. Claudia landed on the decision for a quick trip to the California coast. She researched hotels, dining, and things to do on their escape from reality. She then began to ponder if a car ride or a flight would be the better choice for traveling with a baby.

Traveling with a Baby by Air

This mode of transportation for an expedition is accommodating, great for time-saving, and can be convenient for families. A jaunt over the weekend, a cross-country family trip, or an over-the-seas extravaganza plane is the way. Looking into air traveling with baby, here are some tips to make the trip manageable. 

  • Buy a seat and use your baby’s child passenger safety seat (aka car seat). While buying a seat is an extra cost at the price of a full ticket seat, utilizing a car seat on the airplane is the safest way for the infant to travel. Make sure that the seat is airline travel approved. This would be indicated on the seat labels. Another avenue is baby wearing. Babywearing allows for the convenience of having the baby close to you, and allows the navigation of security with ease. You don’t even have to take the baby out of the carrier through security. Wearing the carrier on the airplane also allows for the closeness of the baby, and saves your arms and the cost of an extra seat. 
  • Pack an extra change of clothes for everyone. We know that flights can change, be delayed, and even worse cancelled at any moment. Having the reassurance that clean outift and a fresh pair of undergarments are nicely tucked in your carry-on for moments like this adds a level of preparation. 
  • When feeding expressed milk, consider storage options that are easy to transport. By TSA’s standards, breastmilk can be boarded on a plane. While this also forgoes the 3oz liquid restrictions. If transporting by cooler with ice packs, they have to be frozen solid. 

Leaving on a Jet Plane

  • Plan for the extra time. Give yourself grace with getting checked-in, getting to through security, and getting through the gate. There could be diaper blowouts, fussiness, and feedings that may pop up for baby that needs tending to. 
  • Remember that unless you are traveling overseas, there are places to pick up any necessities or items that may have been forgotten. Extra diapers, wipes, bath times, and other basics that can take up space in the suitcase. These items can be picked up at a local store at your final destination. 
  • Depending on the little one’s age and stage, entertainment can be a biggie. Their favorite book, their lovey, a new toy, the airplane window can entertain the little one outside of an ipad or phone. 

Traveling by Car

Making the plans to travel by car can be the preferred method of travel for many reasons. Cost, distance, comfort, and convenience are some facts that can win out over a plane ride to the destination. Traveling by car gives a scenic view to the the portrait of the Country. Here are some suggestions when traveling with a baby by car.

  • Plan stops around feeding times. This can add to traveling time, but also allows for the baby to have enjoyable and safe feedings. Consider a bottle warmer with a car adapter to heat milk if that’s that baby’s preference. Pack snacks for the adults that are nursing. Hydration and nutrition are still important for road warriors.
  • Pack a change of clothes that’s convenient to access for everyone. Emergencies may happen, and packing a change of clothes that is easily accessible without having to dig through suitcases and unpacking a trunk saves frustrations.  

Life is a Highway

  • Take a day or two longer to get to where you are going for longer trips. Traveling by car naturally adds time to get to the final destination. Pack your patience, and allow time to stop, stay over, pull over, grab food, stretch, console a fussy baby, feedings, etc. Consider reserving sleeping accommodations and planning your stops prior to leaving on your trip. 
  • Have the car seat inspected by a Child Passenger Safety Technician prior to the travel with a baby. The CPST will inform, advise, and install the car seat for a safe ride.

Taking your little one(s) on a journey can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Planning, preparing, and packing patience can take the edge off of the anxieties. These are memories being curated. And while the baby may not remember the adventure, the photos, experiences, and lessons can be a once-in-a-lifetime moment. If anything, when traveling with a baby, we learn what to do or not do for the next trip! As the baby ages, the needs and packing will change. More so, confidence will build in every trek. So…where are ya going?!