The Golden Hour

Posted on: January 20, 2020 | Babies, birth, Body, Information, Motherhood, Postpartum Doulas, Relationships


You’ve pushed the last push, and baby has emerged into the world. You’re sweaty, exhausted, and overjoyed to be over the hump of labor. You feel your crying babe placed on your chest. And as if you two are the only ones in the room, you gaze into each other’s eyes. Lost in a pool of Oxytocin and synchronization. The seconds continue on. The minutes pass by. A towel has been placed over you both to keep the heat radiating from your bodies close to you. Your breathing has become one. Moments later you realize an hour has passed and babe has made its way to your breasts; naturally to suckle. You have experienced the Golden Hour; and these serene moments will trickle into your postpartum. 

You’ve pushed the last push, and baby has emerged into the world. Your baby is being whisked away for newborn assessments. You are lying, sweaty, exhausted, and overwhelmed to be over the hump of laboring. After delivery shakes begin, the rush of adrenaline and anxiety is arising as you wonder where your baby is, how your baby is doing, and when can you hold your baby. Mentally, you are everywhere. Physically, you are paralyzed with shock and awe of what you and your body have just endured. Your doula reminds you of the power you embrace, and comforts you as the experience of the Golden Hour was not granted. These moments will trickle into your postpartum. 

The Golden Hour, has been statistically known to regulate baby’s body temperature, increase breastfeeding success, promote healthy respiratory in baby, and discourage newborn stress. When newborn cleaning and screenings occur after the first feeding, baby is known to thrive. A Cesarean birth can also benefit from participating in the Golden Hour. After the baby’s delivery and assessment, being placed on a chest for skin-to-skin bonding and feeding will promote the same benefits as a vaginal birth. 

During the postpartum period, a natural instinct clicks. While every person’s experience differs case by case, how one’s birth plays out will stay with that person for a lifetime. 

The Golden Hour’s benefits:

  • Promotes skin-to-skin
  • Regulates mom and baby temperature
  • Increased breastfeeding success past 2 weeks
  • Greater respiratory stability
  • Decreased stress and crying in newborn