The Bonding Power of Food: From Paris to Vegas

Posted on: July 3, 2018 | Love, Meals, Parenting, Relationships, Travel



I was 7 ½ months pregnant with my 3rd child.  I wanted to take a special trip with my oldest, who was 7 years old at the time,  before the baby was born.  It was around Christmas time. We decided what we both wanted for Christmas wasn’t a ton of gifts, but an unforgettable experience for the both of us.  Being that my daughter equals passion to me, I felt it relevant to take her to the very city of passion.

So, at 7 ½ months pregnant, my daughter and I got on a train from Barcelona to Paris.  

A friend met us at the train station & took us straight to our hotel. As it turned out, our hotel was right next door to a formagerie (a cheese shop) and several other café/bars and restaurants, very convenient for a pregnant, passionate “foodie.” Now, up until this point, minus some of Julia’s Child’s work & wisdom, I really had no understanding or experience with French food or French cooking.  My daughter and I ventured out and began tasting. We tried as much as we possibly could from soups, salads, cheeses, crepes, brioche, croissant, macrons, to duck & other local snacks.  Now, I feel average in many things, though my palate & intuition with food is some kind of gift from the gods.

I’d have to say I have a deep appreciation and respect for French cuisine. In general, I’d describe most of the dishes we had as rich, pure, loaded with butter and passion.  I’ll never forget the image I have of my daughter about to bite into Confit De Canard (duck). And we ordered an extra Nutella crepe right after finishing our huge Brioche dessert…Because I was pregnant of course.

As an intuitive cook and doula, I absolutely love having the privilege of cooking for mothers & families from all over the world.  

After nearly a decade of traveling, living, cooking, eating a plethora of dishes, and tasting flavors from all around the world, (not to mention the bonding power and magic of meals shared) I knew early on, this woman, did belong in the kitchen!  When I see bonds created, nurtured, hearts touched, palates awakened, and passion over what seems like nothing more than a simple meal or “just food”, my soul is fueled and smiles big. Every now and again, I have the honor of capturing these “power of food” bonding moments.  This mother and nurturer takes a moment from her many responsibilities to watch her French Loves connect so sweetly over just a few bites of beautiful food. As a postpartum doula and postpartum meal preparation with Vegas Family Doulas,

I get the pleasure of sharing my passion of cuisine by pampering new moms and

nourishing their healing bodies with personalized in-home meals.


Written by Patricia Perez, Certified Postpartum Doula and Postpartum Meal Preparation at VFD, and Owner of NurtureHer