The Baby-Sitters Club: OG Doula Agency!

Posted on: March 1, 2019 | Birth Work, Community, Relationships

Ring Ring “Hello, Baby-Sitter’s Club!” Little did I know at age 8, that Kristy Thomas was my spirit animal. In 1986, 6 friends embarked on a journey to help solve the childcare needs of the fictional Stoneybrook, Connecticut community. With the dialing of KL5-3231, caregivers could call The Baby-Sitters Club between the hours of 5:30pm-6:00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Caregivers, in turn, can be guaranteed reliable child care. It was a dream for parents, a fun time for the “charges”, and a business for the teen-aged babysitter’s. A well-oiled machine!

The Baby-Sitters Club book series by Ann M. Martin created a world of imagination, perseverance, and relateable stories enjoyed by millions of girls.

As President of The Baby-Sitter’s Club, Kristy began business planning The Clubs’ foundations. Artistic Vice President Claudia designs The Baby-Sitter’s Club logo. The iconic baby blocks that can recognized anywhere. Even today! Conservative Mary Ann takes the role of Secretary, while Dawn rules over the club’s finances as Treasurer. These young entrepreneurs of The Baby-Sitter’s Club set out guerrilla marketing by lining their community of fliers with the little nostalgic tear tabs. They speak to all they encounter in and around town about the wonderful service they provide. A one-stop shop for babysitting needs!

Just like hiring a doula agency for one’s birth and postpartum period.

Enlisting a doula agency, like Vegas Family Doulas, during childbirth not only does one receive professional support, they are also met with peace of mind knowing that their family will be fully covered from birth to baby. No matter the day or the hour. Working with birth teams, you won’t be deserted while working through labor. Our flexible postpartum shifts you can be rest assured that support is just a call away, day or night. Our postpartum placenta specialists work in your home and allow you the ability to witness our process from day one. Also allowing support present for your questions and support early postpartum. Enabling families with a keen sense of satisfaction and security in knowing your placenta has been safely encapsulated.

Old School Stories Meets New School Format. BSC: Graphic Novels!

When you contract with an agency, there is a standard of responsibility and accountability that one may not necessarily receive otherwise. An agency model business is built to be uniformly trained, certified, licensed and insured. This proves to lend a nod of being an active participant in growing your community’s economy. You are in the driver’s seat of the scheduling preferences, and you get the opportunity to meet your dream team all in one swoop.

In our agency model of support is made up of a team of trained and certified doulas. Combining their years of experienced and knowledge to build a strong team of dedication. With the diversity as different as the clients we serve, there is a doula for every family. As client’s reach out to Vegas Family Doulas, they are met with friendly, prompt assistance streamlined to support every step of the birthing journey.

In the spirit of, and a nod to Kristy, Claudia, Mary Ann, Stacey, Dawn, Jessi, and Mallory…Babysitters Clubs have matured!

With amusement and much delight, I get to now share both my childhood and my career with my own girls through the Baby-Sitter’s Club! From the re-make of the novels in graphic novel form to the classic TV series currently playing on HULU. From the 1995 movie staring Rachel Leigh Cook to the soon-to-be TV series remake. I thank the Baby-Sitter’s Club for planting the seed, and proving that when you put your mind to something and surround yourself with those who believe in your vision, you will go far!

Now if I could remember where I put my board game…

(Cover photo credit to: LA TIMES