Posted on: November 30, 2019 | Famillies, Meals, Parenting, Relationships, Travel

I did it. I cancelled a family gathering trip out of town for my family at Thanksgiving; and I felt a stack of bricks being taken off of my shoulders. 

There’s a point where one has to step back, re-evaluate what’s going on, create an action plan, and then execute it best. For me, it was last Thanksgiving, 2018. From the moment November hit, life was go-go-go with events, classes, mom-life, clients, visitors, etc. By the time the much anticipated break of Thanksgiving rolled around, I was over it…ALL!

I had hit my breaking point. 

Now normally, one steps back long before they get to that point. Yet there was something that was making the decision to step back quite difficult. A very rare family gathering was planned out of town. 15 Cousins, 6 Siblings, 4 Significant Others, 1 overjoyed Mom/Grandma whom all haven’t been together in one room since 2005. Plus I heard that my children had created a surprise dance routine to perform for me at our gathering. As I walked in the door late in the evening from supporting a rock-star client, I saw 4 bags packed ready to go. Bags that they had packed themselves, in anticipation of our upcoming trek. I let out an audible SIGH…

I had a small panic attack inside. I hadn’t packed. I hadn’t prepared. I hadn’t eaten all day. I let the puppy out. Walked aimlessly into the kitchen and ate a few bites of leftovers. I poured a glass of wine and headed upstairs where little dreams were being played in the heads of my sleeping angels. As I laid my own head, I prayed for a clear answer of “Should I stay or should I go?”

Waking up at 3am, I texted my husband who was thousands of miles away.

 “Can you talk?”

(Ring Ring)

We talked for an hour. We discussed and communicated the pros and cons. Ultimately it came down to our own goals, and we hung up.

Telling the family. One by one I made the calls. With each call, a brick was lifted off my back. Reassurance from loved ones solidified that I made the right decision for my family. It was time to tell the kids. I sat them down and tears flowed as we talked through our feelings. The decision. The whys. My kids are freaking awesome! We hugged and continued the day. 

Not everyone was accepting of my and my husband’s decision for us to stay close to home for the Thanksgiving holiday. And that’s okay. I truly believe in doing what’s best for you and your family. My kids made plans on what to do each day. I was able to spend time training my favorite pup. I was able to support a new mother when I would have been out of town otherwise. 

The kids and I had created a new tradition of going to a movie and driving through the  Glittering Lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway! 

This year, 2019, Thanksgiving. My husband and the kids packed up to head out of town, while I stayed back. Thanksgiving for me IS a time to give thanks and be grateful. I am grateful for a relationship that allows understanding. I am grateful to be able to support families anytime of the year. I am grateful for my family, and their unconditional love. 

During the holidays, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of doing what’s best for everyone else. New baby, added visitors, gifts galore. When we are able to take that step back and ask ourselves “what’s best for me?”, we are able to listen to that voice clearly. You ultimately get to decide your limit.

Happy Thanksgiving!