Taking a Newborn Care Class

Posted on: December 5, 2022 | Babies, classes, Community, education, Famillies, Fatherhood, Feeding, Infant Feeding Specialist, Information, Las Vegas, Motherhood, Parenting, Safety, sleep, VFD Team

Babies are terrifying, right? They cry, they poop, they sleep, they don’t sleep at all, they projectile liquids from bodily orifices. And yet…they are the most remarkable beings! Navigating life with a newborn doesn’t have to be a deer in the headlights situation. In fact, it’s almost a travesty to not utilize the resources and support that are available to new parents in the realm of parenting. No one has all of the answers, but we have access to the tools, and taking a newborn care class is the toolbox.

Benefits of Taking A Newborn Care Class

The saying goes that “babies don’t come with a manual”, and it’s true…to an extent! There are literally hundreds of “baby-how-tos”, “baby basics”, and “baby 101” books that are out in the market to read. BUT…there is not a single book that hones in to how YOUR baby will be outside of the womb. Therefore, taking an in-person newborn care class can be a catalyst for understanding not only general baby antics in a more in-depth way; but also provide a hands-on real-life approach to what one may encounter.  

There are benefits to taking a newborn care class. Imagine being prepared when the baby goes through a leap or growth spurt. Gain confidence when it comes to feedings (no matter the method). Understanding the milestones the the baby may experience at different ages and stages. Tackle sleep with safety and it’s importance in the serenity of the home environment. Overall, the biggest benefit to taking a newborn care class, is that it builds confidence in YOU!

Common Newborn Care Topics Covered

Think about the areas of child-rearing that may make you feel anxious, uneasy, or overwhelmed. Most classes will cover the bases of newborn care in the realm of feeding, sleeping, soothing, and bathing. The section on feedings typically Some classes may go deeper and educate on car seats, activities, milestones, babywearing, and more. No matter the class, no one can go wrong with equipping themselves with knowledge!

VFD Class Testimonials

“I finally had a class that is not just a slideshow. We really learned a lot. I like how (VFD) gave us a walk through of what to expect and talk about stuff that are not normally being talked about.” 

“I loved the positivity and emphasis on the community & the mother’s well-being. I was happy to finally get the chance to practice swaddling. I really enjoyed this class!”

“Great class! Happy to get hands on instruction. Relaxed flow of instruction and wree able to ask question throughout the class.”

“At 9 months pregnant I’m glad this was my first learning class. First time mom being very nervous the information given by the instructor gave a great peace of mind. Loved her!”

Local Las Vegas Newborn Care Classes

The Las Vegas Valley is chock-full of a variety of newborn care classes that can build a strong foundation in new parenting. From free classes to paid to private classes, there’s a class for every budget and need. 

Dignity Health 

Summerlin Hospital

University Medical Center

And of course, Vegas Family Doulas offers classes for every stage of childbirth, early parenting, and infant feeding. Check out our 2023 schedule for all of your educational needs!

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