Taking a Doula Training

Posted on: January 2, 2023 | Birth Work, Community, Doulas, education, Infant Feeding Specialist, Information, Labor Doulas, Las Vegas, Postpartum Doulas, VFD Team, Work

What’s in being a doula, anyway? It’s a labor of love…truly it is! The on-call schedule life, the excitement and anxiousness as the call of “I think it’s baby time!” comes through. The first encounter with a new parent as you walk into their threshold of vulnerability and encompass them with the unbiased support that they seek. Turning the passion of doula work into a paycheck that breeds sustainability. This all begins with taking a doula training!

Why Take A Doula Training 

Plain and straightforward, the skills. People come to doula work with different goals, dreams, reasons, and realities. Having the skills to navigate situations that your clients may encounter, especially if they are different from your own experiences, is vital to being the catalyst of help and not harm. 

Doula training builds confidence in what you do. When a doula feels confident it shows and it shines. There’s the saying “fake it until you make it, ” but we don’t believe in that. Confidence harbors a stance and a walk that naturally exudes expertise—understanding the ‘why’ behind what you share with your clients and how you support them will make a difference in their experience. 

Completing doula training brings credibility to the skills of what one offers. Becoming a certified doula through doula training shows a level of professionalism, expertise, and experience to support in the capacity of a doula. 

The future of doula work is in the hands of doulas that show up, and doula training provides the basis for the leveling up that this profession is seeing in many different facets. With insurance companies covering the support of doulas in the labor and delivery room, doula certification is one of the requirements for reimbursements. 

What to Look for in a Training

With so many doula trainings available, one can get lost with which way to turn. The realm of doula work is an unregulated non-licensed field of work. Therefore the organization one aligns themselves with is only as strong as its leadership. Think about the trainer, and what they have to offer. Reach out and ask questions to the head office and see what kind of interaction, information, and encouragement is received about the organization, the trainer, and the training. 

What information is being presented in the training? Is it evidence-based or opinion-based? Does it leave hints of prejudice towards a specific method of birthing, feeding, parenting, etc?  Great training will allow for space for one to think outside the box, and challenge one to think beyond their own judgments and biases. There’s no room for stereotypes or judgments in the birthing realm.  

How often are classes offered? Are they offered weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly? Is there a timeline that is in the perimeter to reach the goals that are set out to achieve? 

The big question of cost is a factor as well. You pay for what you receive in a doula training, and in some cases, you may receive well more than the cost. Are there any hidden costs to training, membership, certification, etc? Find out the “out the door” price for the education being offered. 

Lastly, what does the certification process look like? Are there books to read, papers to write, clients to support, other certifications, and feedback forms required? Understanding the whole gamut of what one is signing up for. Some organizations have a laundry list of items and tasks needed before certification can be granted. Others have a mix of hands-on and virtual components to completion of certification. While other organizations map out the expectations clearly and outline the steps of how to achieve certification seamlessly. 

Upcoming Certified Doula Training

Vegas Family Doulas believes in the quality of support that we bring to the Las Vegas Valley over the past 5 1/2 years. Because of this, VFD is always looking to bring on extraordinary individuals with a passion to support expectant parents and new parents in the realms of birth, postpartum, infant feeding, placenta encapsulation, and classes.  If becoming a doula is one of your goals in 2023, we would love to connect with you, or better yet, see you in an upcoming doula training!

Labor Doula Training 

  • January 21st & 22nd Virtual 9:00am-7:00pm PST
  • March 11th & 12th In-Person 9:00am-7:00pm Las Vegas, NV  

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Training

  • February 17th & 18th Virtual 9:00am-7:00pm PST
  • April 29th & 30th In-Person 9:00am-7:00pm Las Vegas, NV  

Infant Feeding Educator Training

  • January 30th & 31st Virtual 9:00am-7:00pm PST

Please visit PRODOULA for more information about training content, the certification process,

and additional training dates. 

No matter where the journey begins, making that first step into taking reputable doula training is the biggest and most rewarding step one can do toward their dreams. From there, the sky is the limit on where your training and certifications can take you! Congratulations on your decision to become a doula, and Best Wishes on your ventures into improving birth and birth outcomes through the work.