Sophia and Jackson Most Popular Baby Names in 2018

Posted on: December 3, 2018 | Babies, Children, Famillies

According to the most popular baby names for 2018 have been calculated. With more than half a million parents contributing their baby names to Baby Center’s research, the 2018 results are in!

Sophia for a girl, and Jackson for a boy.

What’s most interesting to us at Vegas Family Doulas, is that this will be the 9th consecutive year that Sophia has taken first place, and Jackson is on his 6th consecutive year of holding the title! So, here’s the question of the day…

Did you (or are you) choosing a baby name based on popularity? Or on something else?

It’s a Family Affair!

Some families choose names based on family traditions. Juniors, firstborn, middle names of Ann(e), Leah, Marie, and so on. Names based on family traditions are often deeply cherished and continue to breathe life into a name that may otherwise diminish through the family line.

That’s so Unique!

It goes without saying that there are some pretty rad configuration of letters that combine just right to create a unicorn of a name. Recently “Abcde” (Pronounced “Ab-city”) made its rounds on social media. Add an apostrophe or hyphen to a name, and you can change its whole sound phonetically.

Biblical or Historical  perhaps?

From Atticus to Harriet. Asher to Pearl, these names truly go down in history for reinventing themselves. Thanks to Grey’s Anatomy (and of course Ms. Tubman herself), Harriet is a name ready to take on the world. Bringing back names from yesteryear, the Bible, or historical greats bring about a smile to every ear it meets.

With a tradition in naming and a myriad of stories behind how our own children’s monikers came to be; the enjoyment of hearing new parents present their new additions to the world will never grow old to us at Vegas Family Doulas.  We’ve supported and snuggled a mosaic of names, and look forward to the list next year. So go ahead…

Poll social media,

Flip through those baby name books,

Look through the family tree, or

Break out the name you’ve decided since childhood

Your baby’s name is a gift, enjoy the process! For those of you as curious as we were, rounding out the top 100 popular baby names in 2018 were Emerson for a girl and Weston for a boy. We think they are both top contenders!