Small Business Appreciation

Posted on: August 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

You know that special “off-the-wall” eatery that you just love as your own little utopia? Or that salon that has the best conversation, cozy environment, and stylists that knock your socks off? What about the support you received during your labor and postpartum that you feel that you would have been lost without? Have you sang their praises to your friends yet? Did you rush over to their Yelp or Facebook Page and leave a stellar review? These small businesses thrive because of special people like you! Their businesses grow because of tried and true word-of-mouth and experiences. Showing appreciation for your favorite small business, especially in the Covid-19 times is the most valuable piece of currency.

When we as consumers fall in love with a new product what’s one of the first things we do? 

We share it! We post it on Facebook, we show it off on Instagram, we bring it up in a discussion the next time someone asks for a recommendation or compliments you on it. Service-based small businesses love serving their patrons. They tend to go above and beyond to make certain that their clients come back, and sing their praises to their peers. Show your favorite small business some appreciation.

What’s the most effective ways to show appreciation to a business that you love? 

REVIEWS. Providing a review on the small business’ website, Yelp Business page, and social media platforms are a wonderful effective way to spread the word to the masses without effort. With online shopping being 100% the norm everyone is relying on reviews to make decisions. Not only does this give a big high-five to the business, it validates that what the business has worked hard to build, has paid off. When Vegas Family Doulas receives a new review, we smile and quickly remember our time spent with that family. 

FEEDBACK. Giving your feedback is one of the most important forms of appreciation. When a small business knows what they are doing right, and is able to rectify what is not going so well, the business can only get better. Knowing when a service did not meet the expectations of a client, we are able to address the situation. Given that opportunity allows a business to go back and review systems and procedures. We don’t know, what we don’t know! We love hearing your constructive criticism and feedback. Don’t forget to fill out those feedback forms. A few minutes of your time gives a business a firm foundation of assurance.

REFERRALS. Referring your peers to a small business is one of my favorite forms of appreciation. When we get an inquiry saying “Hi! ‘Past client’ referred me to you guys!” my heart does back flips. Knowing that a family that we have supported in the past has shared their joy for our services, solidifies the need for the services we provide and that we are doing an amazing job. 

HIRE AGAIN. Repeat clients are a delight! Small businesses they know what you have to give, and want more of it. When a family hires us for subsequent births and postpartum, we get giddy. The feeling of our clients choosing us to be by their sides again validates what our doulas love to do. 

GIFT CARDS. Gift cards are also a great option to enjoy the services of a small business, and keeps them generating revenue. A gift card doesn’t expire, and can be bought by a group in any amount. Whether it be for yourself or as a baby shower gift, a gift card for services with Vegas Family Doulas is one you won’t regret!

It’s not uncommon that Vegas Family Doulas’ Doulas create relationships that last long past our contracts. The bonds that build while we support our clients generate genuine compassion and connection. It’s a piece of the puzzle that we treasure. To all of the families that have welcomed our doulas into your spaces, WE thank and appreciate YOU! To all of the future families that we will have the pleasure to support, WE look forward to cultivating a relationship with YOU!  

If you would like to show your appreciation for Vegas Family Doulas or the Vegas Family Doulas’ Doula that supported you, We’d love to hear from you! Please leave us a review on Yelp, a recommendation or review on Facebook, or email us your testimonial! We could never say ‘THANK YOU!’ enough.