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The postpartum period is a profound time in a woman’s life filled with love, joy, intensity, and unpredictability…It is a time of whirling thoughts, deep emotions, and a strong desire to be compassionately supported…Without judgment, bias, or bullshit.

Everyone’s got advice, and no one seems to remember that this is YOUR experience…not theirs! Let’s be real; what may have worked for them and their baby may be a disaster for you and yours. So, how ’bout you mute the unsolicited advice hotline, dial into your instincts, and…

Reach out for the incomparable support of the postpartum baby experts at Vegas Family Doulas!

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Step one: YOU

At Vegas Family Doulas, our primary focus is on your physical and emotional recovery from birth. This includes:

  • Optimal rest
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Emotional check-ins
  • Resources
  • Self-care opportunities


At Vegas Family Doulas, our secondary focus is on your baby’s adjustment to life outside of your body. This includes:

  • Recognizing hunger cues
  • Infant feeding expertise
  • Safe sleep and positioning
  • Swaddling, diapering, and hygiene
  • Avoiding/soothing overstimulation

Step three: YOUR HOME

At Vegas Family Doulas, our tertiary focus is on what can get in the way of our primary and secondary focus, This includes:

  • Creating a serene environment
  • Meal Planning & food preparation
  • Day to Day light household maintenance
  • Errands

A woman holds her baby in the bathroom while wearing a belly wrap.


Invite the warm embrace of postpartum doual support from Vegas Family Doulas into your sacred space and experience the impact that strength, wisdom, and feminine friendship have on you as you recover from birth and find your way into motherhood. Together, we’ll build a “sanctuary” around you where you feel seen, heard, and understood. Your radiant power flourishes as you rest, recover, and thrive in your new role as a mom!

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