Placenta Encapsulation

You Did WHAT?!

You’ve read the articles. You’ve snooped around at the available research. Now you’re considering placenta encapsulation as your “postpartum insurance plan”. We don’t blame you! We would too, and we totally understand why!

While the anecdotal evidence clearly outweighs the evidence-based research that has been done thus far, placenta encapsulation is one of our most sought-after services. Hey, if it works for other mammals, why not give it a whirl, right?!

Okay, these are the 2 most often reported benefits by our clients:

  • An overall feeling of more energy. These clients say it is not like the pick-me-up of an afternoon cup of coffee, but rather an “inner energy” that leaves them feeling charged up and ready to take on the day!
  • An increase in breastmilk production. Many of our placenta encapsulation clients are not first-time moms but they are first-time placenta consumers. Those are the clients who have shared with us that they had an increase in breastmilk production that they contribute to placenta encapsulation!

At Vegas Family Doulas we have implemented all of the safety standards set forth by our training organization, ProDoula!

For that reason, you can expect the following:

  •  You will transport your placenta to your home from your birth facility using the transport kit that we provide you with. The transport kit has been created in alignment with the World Health Organizations standards for safe organ transplant. We do not pick up or transport placentas for clients in order to prevent possible mix ups!
  • The process of encapsulating your placenta will happen in your home! Weird?… No, SAFE! Our homes are lovely but they are not board of health approved. You will be consuming your prepared placenta and the safest place to prepare it outside of a board of health approved kitchen, is in your home!
  • Your placenta will be steamed prior to dehydration. There are two methods of encapsulation but at Vegas Family Doulas we only offer the safest choice. The Traditional Chinese Medicine method is based on the idea that the body needs warmth to recover. For that reason, the placenta is steamed (heated) as the first step. Bacteria is also destroyed at the temperature we steam to which makes the process even safer for you!

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