Safety First. For a Safe Ride, Every Ride.

Posted on: June 11, 2018 | Community, Parenting, Safety, Travel

  • Did you know that motor vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death among children ages 2 to 14. 43% of the children were improperly restraint.

  • Out of every 10 car seats, how many are improperly installed?

  • What is the current rear facing recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics?

  • What is the recommended age for a child to sit in the front passenger seat?

  • Did you know that most fire stations do not have a certified child passenger tech on staff?

According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) car accidents occur at the rate of one every minute per day. Every ride is a potential danger and arming yourself with the knowledge of riding safely for you and your family is always the best defense. Properly wearing your seat belt shows the best examples of safety to your little humans. Children from age 0 to age 12, depending on height and weight,  should be in some form of child safety restraint. Car seats are tested through the same regulations, and can be installed with a seat belt or using the LATCH system. Both ways still leave room for operator error.

The best way to ensure a perfect install is to contact your local Safe Kids Worldwide chapter and find a local Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST).

If neither¬† are an option, follow the steps in both your car seat manual and your car’s manual for the best proper the install. Installing by LATCH and seat belt are two methods. Utilizing both the LATCH and the seat belt together is NOT recommended, and does not provide added security as one may think.¬† Wearing contacts and glasses at the same time is a great example, as each one cannot fully perform it’s duties.

One year and 20 lbs for rear facing a child used to be the stated. The American Academy of Pediatrics currently recommends children remain rear facing 2 years or for as long as possible according to the restraint’s height and weight limits. Rear facing is the safest way to ride for an infant and car seats now go higher in weights to accommodate this recommendation.

A child’s body are not able to withstand the impact of a deployed air bag in the instance of an accident. Make the excitement of turning 13 a reward and promotion to the front seat.

Years ago, you could pull up to a fire station and have your car seat checked and installed. Fire fighters certifying hours for CPST have been funneled to other training avenues. What are your options? Search for a CPST in your area by searching Safe Kids Worldwide. Vegas Family Doulas has a CPST for your convenience! Here in Clark County, Safe Kids Clark County offers free car seat checks monthly throughout Las Vegas!

Registering your car seat will help ensure that you are alerted in the event that the seat is ever recalled. A registered car seat is also important for proof of purchase and ease of notification.

Safety first for a Safe Ride. Every Ride.