Your Team of Postpartum Doulas

Posted on: July 31, 2018 | Birth Work, Community, Famillies, Information, Postpartum Doulas

It’s midday. You finally get the chance to lay your head down to for a much needed nap. Your body melts into the bed and your breathing becomes relaxed. Your eyes close heavier and heavier as you reach a nice deep sleep. You dream of waking up to a clean kitchen. The last loads of laundry drying, folding and putting themselves away. Of getting a few hours of sleep before baby wakes up. You dream of some companionship to help get you through the day. You’re dreaming of a postpartum doula.

“Babies respond to the calmness that we bring their parents.”

As the hour rolls on, you awaken revived, refreshed, and ready to take on the rest of day. That was such a wondrous dream you think to yourself. Then you remember that your postpartum doula IS here, and witness that your dream has became a reality! Your kitchen is tidy. Your mountain of laundry has been scaled down. Baby is napping peacefully. Your doula is preparing a snack for you to enjoy while you two chat.

“We know you can do it, and you don’t have to do it alone.”

A postpartum doula offers so much to a family after the birth or welcoming of a new child. Each family presents their own needs, wants, and expectations; and we cater our services to each family. Listening to your concerns and answering your questions, your postpartum doula provides resources that benefit the entire family. We tackle the mundane household tasks, we occupy siblings and pets, and we care for parents so that parents can remain confident in their newly defined roles in parenthood. We are here to assist YOU!

“Our team brings exceptional and professional doula services to your home!”

From a laugh to a cry, from a sigh of relief to a vent, Vegas Family Doulas  understands. We don’t judge, push, or lead. We listen, we hold, we follow your lead!