No Child Wet Behind- Las Vegas 2018 Diaper Drive

Posted on: June 4, 2018 | Community, Famillies

We met in at an event during World Black Breastfeeding Week 2016. I followed the instructions on the flyer, and brought diapers with me to the event. She was there with her table, and I was there with mine. I walked over with diapers in tow and introduced myself, as I started to speak about a national event that I was hoping to host in Las Vegas, her eyes widened with excitement and finished with

“I’ve been wanting to participate in that!”

That was the day a friendship and partnership with Carlye Davis founder of the Las Vegas Diaper Bank (LVDB) and Vegas Family Doulas began. As two women with a passion for service and Faith, we bonded.  She shared her story, and I shared mine. We shared the passion behind what we do as community supporters in our lines of service.

It looked as though No Child Wet Behind 2017 was going to happen!

But it didn’t. Time went on, and time ran away. Eager to get No Child Wet Behind Las Vegas underway, I started the trek anyway. I had a spot reserved (almost), I had help (kinda), I had the knowledge of how to facilitate a 5K (not at all). Once the time came around to host the event, it was dead before it began. The defeat was tough to swallow, and it hurt not only for me, but also for the LVDB.

Good news!

The NCWB committee announced that the May events were changed to include 5Ks or ANY other event for 2018. My eyes gleamed as I stood in line to sign up as host. No Child Wet Behind-Las Vegas 2018 WAS going to happen. This time, I began planning early. I assembled a team, and we got to work with planning and pitching. It was motivating! And then we met a hurdle. No venue! The venues we needed were either already reserved or no longer accepting reservations. I was devastated. My event was going to be HUGE. Maybe too ambitious? Back to the drawing board I went and with one last ditch effort,

I walked into a new little place…

Little Local Playground had only been open for 4 days. I stopped by with goodies (Nothing Bundt Cakes) of congratulations in tow. A new little spot owned by married locals (born and raised) Anthony & Cherish Giorando, with 2 little locals themselves. When I walked in, I was greeted with smiles of welcome. We talked, we laughed, and we connected. It was wonderful and uplifting. We planned a meeting right then and there for the event…

No Child Wet Behind-Las Vegas 2018 Playdate and Diaper Drive!

Within 1 week from conception to implementation, Vegas Family Doulas along with Little Local Playground hosted No Child Wet Behind-Las Vegas with a free playdate and diaper drive to benefit Las Vegas Diaper Bank! 3852 diapers were donated by families and businesses across the Las Vegas Valley and from donors across the country via Amazon Wishlist. The inaugural year was stressful, and yet it was nothing short of amazing. Las Vegas Baby Magazine set up  a fun photo station, Ms. Jenny from Dancing with Miss Jenny entertained the children, Tiny Impressions had ceramic handprints, face painting transformed little faces, and snacks filled tiny bellies as they refueled for continuous play. While we our goal of collecting 10,000 diapers fell a tad short, something even greater occurred.  

No Child Wet Behind educated the community about the Las Vegas Diaper Bank!

Founded in 2015, the Las Vegas Diaper Bank has supported over 500 families in Las Vegas with diapers and wipes. Governmental programs do not provide support in the form of diapers or wipes. 1 in 3 families cannot afford to provide diapers for their babies and toddlers. 

Diaper distribution day at Las Vegas Diaper Bank is Monday from 10am-4pm at 928 E Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89104

Next year, No Child Wet Behind-Las Vegas will be amazing as plans have already been in place. Stay tuned, we’re gonna need a bigger boat!

Thank You Las Vegas!!!