New Mom Seeking Friends in Las Vegas

Posted on: February 19, 2024 | Children, Community, Famillies, Friendship, Motherhood, Parenting, Relationships

New Mom seeks the company of other moms who love to laugh, enjoys playing “tourist” by trying out new spots in our wondrous city, a hot meal, and putting on some dancing (or bowling) shoes. Looking for mom friends who want time to re-energize and relax in a diverse, welcoming environment. New Mom seeking genuine connections while building a village with our children; planting relationship roots for years to come.

Any Friends Up for Some Shenanigans?

I was ready to embark on that #momlife jumping all in with eagerness for cuddles, coos, and cries. I happily quit my retail job and waited to welcome our little girl. As precious as she was, the long days turned into even longer weeks, and the longer weeks turned into lonely months. I was beginning to miss myself, and participating in engaging companionship; only 6 months into motherhood. I loved being a mother, and also loved who I was before I embraced that title. Man…I missed that woman dearly! The me that would meet a friend for an impromptu drink after work. The woman that was able to stay up late and sleep in. The woman that didn’t forget to eat, or shower, or remember what day it was. I missed friends…I MISSED ME!

Am I alone in feeling this way?

How can one love where they are in life so much,

yet yearn for who they once were equally?

Maybe you are a new mom wanting to trade in that messy bun and let your hair down for a moment. Perhaps you are a new mom who is relishing being home and hibernating in the company of a good girlfriend. You might be a new mom who wants to be a part of the “village” that everyone talks about. There’s so many ways to do so and connect! Conversations over coffee. Window shopping date that ends with a wine and dine. Crafting and games. Attending a fabulous show. Girls Night In watching classics in pajamas. Listening to your little ones squeal with delight at a local indoor playground.

Sometimes, we have to create the friendships we seek for ourselves. Las Vegas is chock full of establishments, Facebook Groups, activities, events, and more that cater to families with young kids and that is wonderful for a new mom to spread her wings.

Our Favorite Local Las Vegas Places/Groups for New Moms:

  1. Fit4MomLVFit4Mom offers Mommy & Me workouts, Stroller Strides, Run Club, Moms Night Out, and more! Movement is one way to combat and keep a perinatal mood disorder at arm’s length.
  2. Indoor Playgrounds- Kinderland Playground, Wally Wombats, LOL Kids Club, SkyZone
  3. Museums – Discovery Children’s Museum and Natural History Museum. Grade A for toddler fun!
  4. Facebook Groups- Las Vegas Super Moms, Las Vegas Parent Zone, Las Vegas Crunchy Moms, Southern Nevada Moms
  5. Local Guides- Baby Society Magazine Las Vegas, Las Vegas Kids Directory, Vegas Family Guide