Newborn Acne

Posted on: February 28, 2022 | Babies, Body, education, Health, Information

What is Newborn Acne

Newborn acne or erythema toxicum neonatorum is the tiny skin-colored bumps that surface on a newborn’s face and body. These bumps are not painful and can throw a wrench in newborn photo shoots and new baby announcements. Sometimes, the newborn acne can become red, bump, and/or scaly. 

Possible Triggers to Cause Acne

There are many factors that can come into play when newborn acne becomes to pester our precious one’s cute little face.  Hormones are filtered through the body from pregnancy and birth. Baby’s hormones are finding their way through the body from the estrogen of the gestational carrier. Soaps are a culprit that is common. The first baths and wipe downs with artificial ingredients and foreign to the innocent skin. Using simply water or natural products can aid instead. Baby lotions are also another big factor in the baby acne arsenal. Adding on more layers to the skin prevents the baby’s natural pores from breathing. Using elements that naturally absorb into the skin such as coconut oil or olive oil is an alternative when the knack to hydrate baby’s skin is desired. Fabrics are another culprit to the cause of acne. While washing the baby’s clothes, blankets, and bedding in special baby detergent, detergents free of dyes and fragrances can help combat irritations. 

How Long Does Newborn Acne Last

Thankfully newborn acne doesn’t stick around too long. These little unsightly bumps tend to surface in the early days of a baby’s life, and typically subside around 2-4 weeks old. Irritants such as soaps, lotions, and fabrics can prolong the healing of acne. 

What You Can Do

The road to clearing acne is quite simple to navigate. The methods are natural-minded and safe for newborns.  Using a clean warm cloth, wipe the baby’s face down morning and night. Opening up pores to breath overnight, and closing pores to dirt and elements in the day. Water Wipes are great for on-the-go wiping. Another option is a breastmilk facial. Breastmilk has natural components that help clear bumps, bruises, rashes, congestion, and you guessed it…newborn acne!