Meet The Team: Jennifer Zangger!

Posted on: November 16, 2020 | Business, Community, Doulas, education, Famillies, Infant Feeding Specialist, Parenting, Postpartum Doulas, VFD Team

November is the month of giving thanks and showing gratitude. Especially when those in our circles keep us going and make us smile through whatever we are going through. That’s what the team at Vegas Family Doulas does for me! Each VFD Doula brings a uniqueness, a story, a passion of support in our vision and our mission. In continuation of sharing the VFD team with our clients and community, I am excited to introduce Jennifer Zangger.

Jennifer is a ProDoula Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula and trained Infant Feeding Specialist. She offers knowledge-based options for each family that she supports. Every family has their own set of routines. There are different likes and dislikes; parenting philosophies and special circumstances that can affect decisions that are made as a parent. She reiterates that no one can make these decisions for you. Everyone has their own stories to tell, and what they feel is the right way.

“Being in my early thirties and pregnant for the first time, I was shocked at how much information I did not know!” 

For Jennifer, like many new mothers, navigating her own postpartum period was at times difficult and overwhelming.  Wading through the unsolicited advice, judgements from her family and friends, and using her own feelings and research as a guide. Looking back, Jennifer believes she would have welcomed the opportunity to have a postpartum doula, “I wish I had known that this support service was available to me.” She finds great satisfaction in providing the type of support she longed for. Empowering new parents with knowledge and self-confidence.

In the past 7 years following the birth of her daughter, Jennifer has dived into learning about natural living, and gaining knowledge on maternal mental health and holistic healing practices. Ultimately leading to finding her purpose in postpartum work. Jennifer became a ProDoula Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula and Infant Feeding Specialist in 2020.

“Without a broad scope of knowledge, we do not know we have options outside of our own perspectives. Which is why I know every parent can benefit from having a relationship with a postpartum doula.”  -Jennifer Zangger

On her down time, Jennifer can often be found reading or making crafts with her young daughter. Being outdoors and hiking with her dog, is one way she connects to nature. Jennifer enjoys yoga and meditation, and is an advocate of holistic healing for the body, mind and spirit. With a passion for personal & spiritual growth, Jennifer’s gentle understanding spirits bring calm to those she encounters.  

Jennifer joined the Vegas Family Doulas Team as Covid shook the world. She has been a powerhouse of positivity and vulnerability that we get to share with our clients regularly. Having her on the team during this time has brought on a fresh view of perspectives, especially when the unknown was imminent. As Jennifer’s positivity and passion for healing and happiness exudes energy that radiates to the team.