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Posted on: May 9, 2023 | Activity, birth, Community, Famillies, Las Vegas, Motherhood, Pregnancy

“Take a picture, it will last you longer.” 

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” 

Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!”

For many, the idea of taking a photo is annoying, and daunting, and brings thoughts of self-doubt about one’s image. A pregnancy, a birth, and the new baby stage are moments in life that come like a wrecking ball and pass in the blink of an eye. A photograph allows us to relive and retell the moment. Hiring a professional photographer adds pizazz and eases the mind of what to capture.  

The Magic of Maternity Photography

Maternity photos capture the magic that is emerging as more and more mothers cherish the baby bump growing before them. Whether it’s their first time or the third time, there’s a secret seen through the lens of the mother to the baby. Maternity photos are most typically conducted during the 7th month and beyond. Many maternity photographers will have gowns, props, and accessories to aid in capturing the special moment. Have fun with the outfits, the environment, and the photographer. If you have a special memento that you would like to include, don’t forget to bring that and let your photographer make the moment come to life. Remember, you are only pregnant with this baby, once. 

The Beauty of Birth Photography

Birth photography is a beauty that more families are embracing. Your birth photographer is on call for the big day, and will often come in enough time to take photos through the stages of labor as well. Birth photography can be as general or as in-depth as one feels comfortable with. Again, capturing this one-very-special moment is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We remember our births so vividly down to sounds, sights, and smells. What we don’t remember (or even get to see) are the behind-the-scenes looks and interactions of our loved ones. Little pockets of inspiration and images that only a camera can capture. Photography of the birth is the next timeline to that maternity shoot.

The Newborn Freshness Photography

We adored those precious Anne Geddes photos that riddled the 1990s and 2000s. That squishy newborn goodness is the prime time for newborn photos. A baby’s bones and frame of the baby have yet to fuse making their little bodies malleable for many adorable poses in their first two weeks of life. Your newborn photographer will consult with you prior to your session with tips to get those shutter-worthy shots. Have patience during your shoot, your baby is doing their job by eating, sleeping, pooping, and crying. A great photographer will have a pocket full of patience and understanding. A typical newborn shoot takes 3-4 hours for this reason. For a little more intimacy in the newborn photo realm, The Fresh 48 is 48 hours into a baby’s life capturing “a day in the life of a baby”.

Things That are Treasured Cannot be Replaced

The memories and moments that are captured in a photo long outlive the generations that view them. We often forget how good we looked “back then”, and how we felt at that moment. How little our little ones were “back then”, and how much the family has grown, or changed, since then. Investing in a family legacy captured in time is worth a lifetime investment. Prices range depending on experience, expertise, and quality of the photos. 

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