Making the Pregnancy Announcement

Posted on: January 18, 2021 | birth, Information, Motherhood

Blossomed with excitement as the reality of her secret growing inside her body, Claudia was ready to share the news. Oh, the pregnancy announcement. But to whom? She had heard that there’s always a chance of a miscarriage. In fact 1 in 4 pregnancy’s experience a miscarriage. She had also read that there was a “safe” period that decreases instances of a fetal loss in the first trimester. But this was something Claudia was dying to share with somebody, anybody. She was going to be a mother, and that deserved celebrating. Claudia reached for her phone, and at that very moment, it rang. A smile spread across Claudia’s face. “Divine intervention or what?!” She answered with excitement.

The excitement of wanting to share a little secret that only you know is exactly that…exciting! Bringing new life into the world is a bit of a rush…mixed with anxieties and freak-outs. But nonetheless an adventure. Who gets to be the first round of special people on that list? Do we wait for a holiday? What if someone thinks we’re trying to steal their thunder?

The important fact is thinking about when you will be comfortable sharing this news. Allowing others to share in this space with you could trigger bigger emotions than warranted. Will your support be abundant, or will you have to justify the occurrence? 

There are lots of reasons why people wait to make a pregnancy announcement.

The risk of a miscarriages generally drops to 5%  by the 13th week of gestation. This is the beginning of the second trimester. The heartbreak and heartache of retelling the occurrence of a miscarriage is daunting. Another reason many choose to wait, is to share the news at a point in their pregnancy where there has been confirmation with an ultrasound and/or heartbeat detected by a fetal doppler. 

Special occasions, such as a family gathering or holiday often bring about perfect timing for big pregnancy announcements. Scouring videos on YouTube for pregnancy announcements and reaction videos are entertaining. From dads and partners-to-be to grandparents and siblings, surprising loved ones with the special report of bringing a baby into the family shows a lot of different emotions. 

Celebrating a pregnancy doesn’t always come with ease. Sometimes there are apprehensions, regrets, and traumatic feelings that can surface. This is an occurrence that happens more frequently than previously studied. Perinatal Depression affects roughly 10% of gestational carriers. If this is something you or someone you know is experiencing, reach out to your local Maternal Mental Health provider for support and guidance.

As Claudia hung up the phone, she couldn’t shake the excitement that her best friend was also in on her little secret.