Joining An Agency

Posted on: November 4, 2023 | Birth Work, Business, Community, Doulas, Information, Labor Doulas, Las Vegas, Placenta Encapsulation, Postpartum Doulas, VFD Team, Work

Working as a successful doula takes consistency, perseverance, and business planning. Being your own boss and running a business takes heart, and isn’t for the weak of heart. Running a thriving agency takes navigating availibilies, juggling client loads for the various services, and maintaining traction for the business when the ebbs and flows of the work load fluctuates constantly. No matter the way in which one decides to take on doula work, fulfilling the passion by supporting families is the common thread.

Independent Doula or Independent Contractor

There are things that should be clarified between working as an independent doula or working as an independent contractor with an agency. While there are a few differences, there are also similarities. Doulas that find favor in working for themselves are independent doulas, and doulas that find their footing working within a team, are independent contractors. 

The differences between working as an independent doula (ID) and an independent contractor (IC) begin with training and certification. IDs decide on whether or not they take a doula training and get certified before they begin working with families. For ICs, it’s almost required that doulas take a doula training and even complete certifications. Another difference is the in-and-outs of conducting business. An ID does their own business’ marketing & networking, and billing & collecting payments from clients. Independent contractors work with an agency that does the business’ marketing, billing, and acquiring of clients. IDs represent their business’ brand and make all their business decisions. ICs not only represent themselves as doulas in the community, but largely they also represent the agency’s brand. IDs decide what they charge their clients, and what they pay themselves. ICs are contracted out to support client shifts for a set amount of pay from the agency. Contracts with clients go through the agency with ICs, while contracts with clients are conducted directly with IDs.

Similarly, both IDs and ICs work for families, get paid, and represent a brand or business. Both IDs and ICs have a business structure be it a sole proprietorship, LLC, or an S-Corp. Professional IDs and ICs both hold certifications, carry insurance, and represent the doula profession equally. Independent doulas and independent contractors also dictate their own availabilities, schedules, and work load. 

The Vegas Family Doulas Experience

At Vegas Family Doulas, we believe in the power of professionalism, individualism, compassion, and continuity in care. The doulas of VFD are trained and certified by ProDoula. Through their extensive training program, mentorship, and levels of professionalism, we can guarantee that our clients are experiencing a realm of support that they didn’t realize were yearning for. The uniqueness and passions that each doula brings to the team create a perfect cocktail of support for an ever-growing, ever-evolving and very transient Las Vegas Valley. 

Vegas Family Doulas is a budding doula agency and are constantly looking for qualified and passionate doulas to join our wonderful team environment. We believe in communication, connection, and cohesiveness. VFD values the flow of birth work and maintains a healthy work-life/family-life balance with their doulas. Outside of the general day-to-day business operations, there are monthly team meetings, outings, events, and various opportunities for growth. At Vegas Family Doulas, we truly believe in the power of unity, individuality, and leveling up the profession.

The Next Steps

There is always room and growth in the birth field. Whether one is ready to jump in with both feet or it’s more comforting to dip a toe into the field, getting trained is the first step. Talk with other community birth workers in your area. Follow them on their social media and get to know their business and branding. Doulas always need each other. Whether it’s for backup, networking, self-care/self-awareness, building a better bridge in the community, and much more. 

When inquiring to work with Vegas Family Doulas filling out an interest form and scheduling a discovery call is the first step. During this call, the discussion of birth work in general and also what it entails working with the agency is conversed. If the interested party is wanting to pursue becoming an IC with VFD,  training and certification as a doula, (with top priority given to those trained by ProDoula) is required. An independent contractor application is provided upon additional interest given from the owner. An interview is then scheduled and conducted with the owner to discuss the application, gauge team fit, and answer questions by the prospective IC. If formally invited onto the team, there are further steps and requirements to meet before taking on one’s first client/shift.

Is the time right for you?…YES!

It all starts with a dream that becomes a reality, fueled by passion. Working as a doula is no one way fits all, and all are welcome into this rewarding field. As doulas become more and more recognized for the amazing work that they do inside and outside of the birthing space and in the postpartum realm, people are beginning to take notice. Now is the time to say “yes” and jump into birth work. We are waiting for YOU!