Infant Feeding Specialist-Conclusion

Posted on: August 27, 2018 | Babies, Children, Infant Feeding Specialist, Information, Motherhood, Parenting, Postpartum Doulas, Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Relationships

At now 8 months, Bradford is crawling and teething. Imani is loving this stage of parenting as Bradford is more interactive and seems less fragile. She’s noticed that Bradford has been a little forceful at the breast. The very few breastfeeding sessions has now become their new normal and Imani wants to enjoy these last moments.

The other night she was brushing his gums and noticed that there was a TOOTH!

Because of this new find, Imani has made the decision to begin weaning nursing completely. She feels secure with only pumping a few times a day to give Bradford fresh bottles daily, along with what she has been able to save in the freezer previously. Discusses this with her OB and had decided that abrupt weaning would work the best for her.  When we speak, Imani exclaims that she is pleased with her decision, but does question whether or not this was the best decision for her, or the best decision for the baby. I reassure her, that a healthy happy mom is the best decision for them both.

Work has never been busier for Imani. She’s got a hot buzz worthy case that she is immersed in. Bradford is 9 months and is walking, babbling and can sign a few words. On a postpartum shift Imani further baby proofs her home with a newly walking baby, She is overwhelmed with the new found knowledge from their recent pediatrician visit that Bradford is allergic to gluten; and her anxiety has become to creep back with the possibility that she could be away from him when there is an allergic reaction. The pediatrician gave her advice and recommendations, but she wants to know what exactly this really looks like.

She thinks to herself “Every time I think I have this parenting thing figured out…BAM!”

As I sit across from Imani listening to her worries and concerns, I see her months of self-resilience slowly begin to resemble those early weeks postpartum. We Google foods and brands of foods that are gluten-free and baby-friendly. Together a newly revised Individualized Infant Feeding Plan is developed. This plan will be shared with those that will be caring for Bradford.

It’s now nearing the Springtime once again, and I get a friendly call from Imani.

She’s inviting me and my family to Bradford’s private birthday party at her cabin in the mountains. Aunt Valerie will be coming into town to celebrate this wondrous milestone and is hoping to see me. As we catch up over the phone, Imani nervously shares that she is still taking her medication for anxiety. I commend her on taking care of her mental health, and making that a priority. There’s a quiet moment on the phone as Imani reflects in silence the past 12 months and her journey as a new mother.

She utters a heartfelt ‘thank you’ through the phone line.

Imani is  nearing the end of the milk supply that had been stockpiled in her freezer over the past 12 months. She wants to know the next steps to take. Imani says that she has heard that soy milk isn’t good to give to male babies, she wants to be reassured that almond milk would be a suitable substance to cow’s milk. I offer her the information, and advise Imani to talk to her pediatrician about what all of her options are along with their benefits. I thank her for the thoughtful invitation to Bradford’s 1st birthday party, and we say goodbye to our year together.

The End

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***This is a fictional depiction of the support of your IFS team. Any reference to true persons or events is by coincidence.***