I Don’t Love This…Is That Normal?

Posted on: July 26, 2019 | Babies, Children, Famillies, Love, Motherhood, Parenting

“I don’t love this. 

Is that bad? 

Is something wrong with me.

This can’t be normal!”  

But it is. 9 months of giving up this and adding in extras of that, your body and your life (for that matter) hasn’t been your own. So when baby finally emerges into the world everything should fit nicely back to normal, right? Wrong!

The first 12 weeks after giving birth is known as the 4th Trimester. That 4th set of 12 weeks is an extension of your pregnancy and will bring about a myriad of new emotional highs and lows. All normal…to an extent. Not every stage of parenting is a favorite, and you’ve just began on your journey with this new little one. (If feelings seem more than that of common “baby blues”, please seek help)

Some parents are eager to head back to work for adult interaction, while others are  looking forward to that glass of wine paired with their favorite deli meats and soft cheese. Some parents are yearning to pack an overnight bag and hop a quick trip on a whim. Others are missing their bodies; and the satisfaction they felt when they looked at themselves in the mirror.  Anything to make them feel “normal” again and regain a piece of them that was left behind in the shuffle of becoming parents. It’s all normal!

We tend to lose a bit of ourselves with each child we welcome. It’s a price that many are happy to endure. Yet, when we completely lose ourselves into the little humans that we are raising, we are doing a disservice to our offspring and ourselves. Who you were before children is just as important as who you are as a person now. 

I just want my life back. This is normal”

I don’t love the baby phase. This is normal

“Will I enjoy this? This is normal” 

No one can answer that for you. No one should make you feel less than a loving parent for not enjoying restless zombie night. Not every stage of parenting is a trip to an amusement park. I love the baby stage and the elementary school age. My Best Friend enjoys the teenager stage.  Sister loves the adult kids stage. Mom loves the grand-parenting stage. We all have a stage or phase that makes our heart leap with joy, and ones that make us want to head for the hills. It’s normal, It’s life!

When you want reinforcements to help you navigate the bouts of disdain during the newborn to infant to baby stages, call on our team to guide you through it all. We’ll keep your secret.