Happy World Doula Week 2020!

Posted on: March 23, 2020 | Birth Work, Business, Doulas, Famillies, Motherhood, Parenting, Relationships

World Doula Week was conceived in 2011 by Ruti Karni Horowitz. In collaboration with doulas and doula organizations around the world, WDW is celebrated every year from March 22-March 28th. To coincide with the Spring Equinox, which brings representation of fertility. World Doula Week celebrates the passion, profession, and roles of doulas and the support they provide to families: prenatally, during childbirth, and in the postpartum period.   

A whole week to celebrate doulas? Why not?!

Doulas are known to statistically improve birth outcomes. Doulas reduce fear and instill strength. Doulas enrich, empower, and embrace all things childbirth related. All sounds wonderful, amirite? Yet only 1-5% of the childbearing population utilize the support of a doula. For many, hiring a doula never crossed their minds. They weren’t aware that there were even “doulas”. For others, the additional childbirth expense of hiring a doula couldn’t be justified over their family needs. For some, the word ‘doula’ leaves a negative impression left by doulas they have encountered previously. 

Let’s help doulas change that narrative.

A doula, a professionally trained and certified doula, with a business license, liability insurance, and CPR/First Aid training is ready to get down to business. She’s ready to be in the trenches with you through labor. She is ready to be your overnight support allowing you to slumber soundly. She’s taking your 11pm call of concern. She’s rejoicing in the milestones with you via text. She’s supporting you every step of the way. Why?! Because she’s turned her passion into a paycheck. She’s a compassionate business woman who has her priorities in order, which allows her to be YOUR person, not matter what. 

You see, doulas (Yay Doulas!) provide support in more ways than first thought. Because there’s no way to predict birth or the postpartum, your doula gets to bring the voice and presence of calm into the birth room with you. Your doula gets to bring a calming presence in your home after a trying day with a baby. Your doula gets to speak the words you need to hear, without you whispering a single word. 

Training to be a doula is another avenue!

Registering and attending training by a well-established reputable organization is the first step to doula work. With training happening all over the country, all the time, you can find one that fits your schedule. And with ProDoula, (whom all of our doulas are trained and certified through) you can bring training to you. As well as be certified in as little as a week. 

Being doulas, we live to provide support.

Receiving global recognition for our services, is a wonderful pat on the back. Thank you for the love, and thank you families for continuing to see the value in what doulas do. Here’s hoping the next step is Doulas being a nationally accredited occupation!