Finding That Holiday Spirit

Posted on: December 7, 2020 | Babies, birth, Doulas, Famillies, Fatherhood, Motherhood

Ho Ho Ho…Happy Hanukkah! Happy Winter Solstice! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! When ’tis the season, bring that holiday spirit!

These sayings hit the heart a little different this year, amirite? For some, years long family traditions will come to a pause. While for others, new traditions will emerge. Perspective, pivot, and pause…those three words have summed up many things that this has brought the world. So how does one find that glitter, that twinkle, that spark in a year that shook us all?

We find that holiday spirit!

Many new expectant families found themselves without the whirlwind of admiration that flaunting a growing baby bump brings. Trivial or not, it’s TOTALLY something expectant people look forward to! The fawning of “You are glowing!” and “Congratulations!” everywhere you turn. Though social media has brought that connection in some shape of form, there’s something to be said about that human interaction. 

Preserve those quarantined memories anyway! Believe me, once the baby comes, the little nuances and funny moments may be far-forgotten. And well, since baby IS born in a historic time in our lives…capture it! Photograph and document all that you encounter and remember.

Write it down, blog it out, video it, and save it.

Scroll through your phone, Google Photos, social media, camera, and Polaroid’s. Select your favorites photos, and arrange them in an online photobook to chronologize the pregnancy and year. Buying a few, one for yourself and one to gift. Revisiting these moments again in later years will trigger new emotions and reignite memories. 

Many new postpartum families found themselves without families coming to visit.  Showering them with the support and adoration that comes with new baby arrivals. This was TOUGH! Isolation, be it forced isolation, is even worse. Zoom ‘sip and sees’ and  ‘meet the baby’s joined the ranks of virtual birthday parties and baby showers. 

Take this time to recharge.

No really! I know you may be thinking “Recharge…with a newborn? HOW???!!!” Think about it. Normally, there’s the go-go-gos of running errands, entertaining guests, trying to stay on top of the Christmas rushes. And now? You have every excuse to say “no thanks!” without an ounce of guilt or regret because your only focus is you and baby. YOUR rest, recharging, and recovery! And guess what?! People understand. No one wants to be the reason a baby gets sick. Cuddle with baby, fill out that baby book, decorate the house, think of a tradition to start with your newly enhanced family. THIS moment in history has been reset for us all.

Finding that holiday spirit is one thing that we can control. Find it, create it, flaunt it. This year has brought you your baby, and we feel that’s definitely something to celebrate. Through 2020, we’ve had the pleasure of supporting families through the pandemic. The opportunities to celebrate milestones, listen to concerns, cheer accomplishments, and ease uncertainties. This year has brought our holiday spirit in the form of appreciation.

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings! From All of Us at Vegas Family Doulas