Feeding Foundations (Infant Feeding Class)

Posted on: October 19, 2020 | Body, classes, Famillies, Fatherhood, Feeding, Infant Feeding Specialist, Information, Meals, Motherhood, Parenting

With love in her heart, uncertainty in your mind, and pain in her breasts, Tasha closed her eyes and braced herself while her newborn baby boy latched onto her engorged breasts. She had dreamed of feeding her baby anytime and anywhere from her bosoms. Other women did it all the time. Her sister shared how beautiful it was she nursed her 3 kids. Her best friend admired her strength as determination, as she herself never did. She didn’t feel empowered, nor did she understand the beauty of nursing. Tasha felt the pull to breastfeed, as the source of nutrition for her baby. Tasha was building her feeding foundations. She was doing it out of the necessity to provide for her baby. 

Yvette sighed as she hit play on her breastpump, and then on her timer. She felt like an octopus multitasking at every feeding session. Yvette decided early on that pumping was the right decision for her family. She went back to work as soon as she could, and her twins were happy and safe with their doula while she spent a few hours in-office. Yvette felt comforting monitoring what her body was producing. Her feeding foundations class prepared her mentally for this journey. She was doing it out of necessity to provide for her babies. 

Xochil stood in the store aisle in front of the rows and rows of infant formulas. Her choice to formula feed brought peace with the decision. What she didn’t expect was the different brands, the different varieties, or the different forms. Which one was best for her baby’s belly? Which one did the pediatrician suggest again? She thought out loud. A woman pulled up next to her in the aisle, reached up, and swooped a can of formula from the shelf as if she had done it many times before. “Thankfully this one worked for us on the first go, never had to try another. Good luck!” the woman said, and continued down the aisle. Xochil looked at the shelves before her. With confidence, she placed a concentrated jug of formula into her basket and continued on. She was doing it out of necessity to provide for her baby. 

What is Feeding Foundations?

Vegas Family Doulas’ Feeding Foundations infant feeding class engulfs the attendees with infant feeding from birth through 6 months. Whether one is choosing to breastfeed, pump, formula feed, or a mixture of all of the above, this class will cover it all. Attendees will walk away from the class knowing the basics of how best utilize their chosen feeding methods. They will know when the baby is eating well and what to look for in a well-fed baby.

Attendees will gain knowledge of feeding safety, healthy tips and tricks to maximize feedings, and know what to look for in normality’s and abnormalities. What to do when plans change, and how to navigate using different feeding plans to achieve the most effective and efficient feeds.  We provide a resource list for providers in the Las Vegas Valley for support. This course is geared towards expectant parents, but is also beneficial for newborn parents.

Feeding Foundations educator, Aisha Fanning, is a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor and a Certified Infant Feeding Specialist. She is the Vice-President of Southern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition and has supported a hundred families on their baby’s feeding journey’s. With a passion for support, Aisha guides the class through open feeding discussions, and brings her calming wit and personality with tangible information.  

Looking to gain support and knowledge with infant feeding? Our Feeding Foundations infant feeding class is for you! Sign up for our next upcoming Saturday class, we look forward to feeding you with all the information needed to get off on a firm foot with baby’s first food.