Early Signs of Pregnancy

Posted on: January 4, 2021 | birth, Body, Community, Doulas, education, Fatherhood, Information, Motherhood

early signs of pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Starting off the new year with a little secret, and what a way to bring joy to the world. But wait, perhaps you’re not quite sure if how you’ve been feeling lately ARE in fact what you think it means. Whether this pregnancy came as a surprise or this pregnancy was planned to the “T”, preparing yourself physically and mentally will help for what the next 9 months might look like. The early signs of pregnancy.

Physical symptoms of early pregnancy

  The body begins to prepare for pregnancy even before fertilization happens. Physically, breasts become heavier and more tender. You may notice some soreness in and around the nipple and areola, and around the fuller portion of your breasts.

Cramping occurs, which can indication ovulation (or Mittelschmerz) or be a sign of implantation of a fertilized egg. Implantation is when a fertilized egg (or eggs), nestles itself into the walls of the uterus. cramping and/or light bleeding may typically occur.

Another physical early signs of pregnancy is food aversions. That favorite dish slathered in your favorite sauce and seasonings suddenly aren’t so appetizing. In fact, not much may seem appetizing all of a sudden except crackers and juice. If symptoms persist that prevent you from eating and digesting, talk to your care provider right away. On the flip side, you may find yourself in a state of never-ending hunger, and that’s expected and normal! It takes a lot of energy to grow another human being. 

Fatigue sets in pretty early on in a pregnancy. An afternoon power nap or earlier bedtimes may be your new normal, seeming out-of-the-blue. Your homemones are working in overdrive as they produce a placenta and a baby, in a womb.

Types of over-the-counter early pregnancy tests

Over-the-counter pregnancy tests look for traces of hGC (human chorionic gonadotropin). HGC is a hormone that aids in the production of hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen, that are essential for fetal development in pregnancy. 

There are line tests that will reveal two pink or blue lines to indicate a positive test when hGC in urine is found.  Digital tests will showcase “pregnant” or “not pregnant” on a test for easier deciphering of results 

Local resources for pregnancy testing 

If you’ve been noticing early signs of pregnancy, and/or have received a positive over-the-counter pregnancy test, a next suggested step is to schedule a pregnancy test with your trusted provider or a pregnancy clinic. Your provider will conduct a pregnancy test either urine, blood, or transvaginal ultrasound, to confirm pregnancy with more accuracy. In the Las Vegas Valley, there is a great selection of prenatal resources for inquiring and expectant families that may be new to the area, do not have insurance, or other circumstances.

Planned Parenthood has two locations in Las Vegas to serve the community.  Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada, is a center that offers free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and counseling. Another local resource for pregnancy testing is First Choice Pregnancy Services. First Choice Pregnancy Services offers free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. These are a few local resources that provide pregnancy testing and/or ultrasounds for no or low cost. 


You may be feeling overjoyed or you may be feeling overwhelmed. Either way, breathe. You are on Step 1 of a 9-month journey. Congratulations! Our doula support is here to assist you every step of the way. Schedule your complimentary consultation with us today!