E is for E.A.S.Y Routine

Posted on: June 15, 2019 | Activity, Babies, Famillies, Feeding, Information, Parenting, sleep

Activity time with mom and baby playing piano

Easy like Sunday morning? It could be! The Eat-Activity-Sleep-You Time routine (also known as the E.A.S.Y) is a handy tool for new parents to get a grasp on the day-to-day with a growing baby. The E.A.S.Y routine allows a pattern to develop that may very well get you through those difficult days. What is the E.A.S.Y routine? Let’s dive in!

E.A.S.Y was developed by Babywise using a 24 hour period as a template. Start the day with the time of the day that you would like to wake up and begin the day. From there, follow the E.A.S.Y routine up until bedtime. As the “activity/awake” portion of the routine is null during the bedtime hours. No up-all-night baby parties here needed.

Eating is Fundamental!

Feeding the baby at a minimum of 8 times in a 24 hour period is important. A growing baby needs nutrients and a satiated baby will sleep, well…like a baby. Starting your day off with “eat” will set up the rest of the day. The “Eat” step is more about the success of the feed than the amount. Babies go through growth spurts and fussy periods. Guaranteeing that baby is feeding will play a role in the success of the EASY routine.

Let’s Have Some Activity Fun!

The second step to the E.A.S.Y routine is Awake-time (also known as activity time) Try not to get caught up in the type of activity itself, but the more that you are having that 30 mins of awake time for baby. Playing music, dancing, or singing, are wonderful ways to entertain baby that do not take a lot of effort or cause too much of a stimulation. After a feed, babies will generally be drowsy; as they age the 30 minute awake time will be evident for you and baby. Which will allow for a drowsy period to occur. You will begin to notice a more relaxed baby and blinks are long and slower. Perfect sign for the next step.

Let Baby Sleep!

Your well-fed, pooped-out baby is all ready for that much needed (highly warranted) siesta now. This is the time that you move to the space you prefer for the nap. Setting up the scene and preparing your little one for their nap ahead of time is a helpful tip. Lay baby down with their eyes still glazey and open helps baby gain familiarity with the sleeping space. Keeping your hand on baby, pat/rub baby’s belly (or back if baby is a roly poly.) Allow them to drift off, on their own, and still see your loving gaze. Limit distractions or voices. When baby is down for the count, exit.

Enjoy Some You Time!

You time…YAY!!! You earned it and you deserve it. Utilizing this time whether it be their hour and a half nap or their long nap of the day, knowing that you have some time for YOU is exciting, right? Take this time to do anything, everything, or nothing that you want to do! Mentally knowing that there is a plan in your day and a system can help combat postpartum anxieties. While some of the baby’s naps may be inconsistent in time, you can expect at least one good long nap during the day. Utilize that nap to tackle something that has been on your to-do list. Use the shorter naps to rest and recharge yourself.

Remember, every baby is different. Having a realistic expectation of how the day can map out is a great way to take charge of your postpartum. Utilizing the E.A.S.Y routine will be your weapon to instill a happy parent and baby! And If you are ready to implement your routine with the help of a side-kick, our Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas will be your Louise.