Childbirth Education

Posted on: January 6, 2020 | birth, Birth Work, Body, classes, education, Famillies, Information


Taking a childbirth education class is an important, yet often looked over step in “preparing for baby” checklists. Whether one is expecting to welcome their first child, or looking to do birth a little different with their 4th, 6th, 10th child, an extensive class in childbirth education will equip parents with tools that can help educate and empower one in their birthing experience. Let’s discuss what to look for in a childbirth education class.

The Content of what is being taught is the most important part of a childbirth education (CBE) course. From Bradley Method to Lamaze, from Hypnobirthing to Evidence Based Birth, and Birthing from Within to Birth Bootcamp, there’s a wide spectrum of childbirth education courses that are big business and quite popular. Diving into each course with questions on their philosophies, and on what they teach is the best way to filter through which course speaks to you.

Another avenue is seeking a CBE course that has no philosophy at all.

One that is strictly the facts. No agenda, simply the in-and-outs of childbirth. Allowing one to conclude birth with an innate knowledge of what the body is (and will be) doing childbirth. Make sure to seek out if the content is up-to-date, is easy to grasp, and is non-judgmental in promoting decision-making. Whether one is choosing a natural birth, planning for an intervention birth, having a cesarean, or going into birth with a go-with-the flow mantra, the type of CBE that one chooses will have influence on that decision.

If the Content is the skeleton of a CBE course, then the Facilitator is the flesh. No matter how great the course is, the delivery of material should hit a home-run and bring it all home. Anyone can teach anybody well…anything! I can teach you how to sell your home in 3 short days if you give me $1000 (wink wink). Knowing that the facilitator of a CBE course has credibility, has the proper training and/or certifications, and has a reputation of being an expert in the field, gives the course that extra mile. Having a facilitator that is relatable, as well as enjoyable to be around, sets the tone of the overall course. As well as making the information relayed memorable.

Location and Length are the limbs of a great CBE course.

Together they will determine how committed one is to attend class regularly.  Is the class held at the hospital that will be delivering the baby? Does the class offer private in-home options? Is the course held at a business location? Or perhaps at a local community space. With time being precious, look at where the classes are being held. How long is the commute and is the class held at a convenient time in the schedule? If I would travel for the best slice of pizza in town, best believe I would travel for the best CBE course for my upcoming birth!

The Length of the course wraps up our checklist for choosing a CBE course. Some CBE courses are 1-day for a few hours or all day. While other courses occur over weeks at a time. There’s no wrong or right with the length (remember, content and facilitators are key!) Choose a CBE course that one can attend in its entirety and that fits their schedule best. Not being able to immerse fully into the course will do the opposite of the intention. 

Download Your Childbirth Education Checklist!

With so much information to gain, know, and sift through throughout pregnancy (and beyond), gaining knowledge early on about what to expect when one delivers begins with a strong foundation of an intensive hands-on enjoyable childbirth education course. There are many childbirth education classes throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Find the one that speaks to you with the guidelines listed above. Be sure to check out Vegas Family Doulas’ calendar for their variety of classes!