Bring It On! (Childbirth Education Class)

Posted on: October 5, 2020 | birth, Birth Work, Body, classes, Community, Doulas, Famillies, Fatherhood, Friendship, Information, Labor, Labor Doulas, Motherhood, Relationships

Carrie sat across from her doula Maxine, both excited to be in each other’s company and begin the steps in preparation for the birth of Carrie’s unborn baby. Carrie nervously listened as Maxine explained when to contact her, the differences between early and active labors, and comfort measures. Maxine paused and asked Carrie what childbirth education course she would be taking. Carrie was taken aback…what? A childbirth education course? Wasn’t that what the doula was for…to educate HER on childbirth?

Maxine noticed the quizzical look overcoming Carrie’s face. As her doula, Maxine understood her role on the birth team as the support provider. She knew that a childbirth preparation course was a needed missing piece to the birthing experience. Maxine began to explain the value of a complete childbirth education-focused course; and how her role as a labor doula contributed and differed from said course. As the open-flowing conversation continued, Carrie began to grasp the benefits of taking a dedicated childbirth education course from a certified childbirth educator, and valued the nudge from Maxine. Carrie signed up for childbirth education with VFD.

What’s childbirth education class?

A childbirth education course is developed to help guide a birthing person through the trials of labor and how to mentally and physically navigate childbirth. In a previous blog, it was discussed what to look for in a childbirth education course. But what exactly will one learn in a childbirth education course? Vegas Family Doulas’ How, When, & Why of Labor and Childbirth class provides evidence-based ins-and-outs of giving birth. How the body and the baby will work to achieve optimal birthing positions. What signs, symptoms, and actions the body and baby that occur to deliver the baby. Why the body and the baby do this in birth preparation. 

Breaking it down, attendees of the How, When, & Why of Labor and Childbirth course will learn:

  • The different ways to provide comfort during contractions and labors
  • The stages of labor, as well as positions that provide the most benefit and least pain perception
  • The different methods of communication through labor
  • Differences in available birth interventions and pain relief options
  • Knowing how to tell when “it’s time”, and when to allow body to labor

There is so much information and interaction packed into our 3-hour course, that attendees will leave with a better understanding about their body, their baby, and their birthing journey. Creating serenity in a realm that can evoke fears, is the mission of this course. Knowledge will guide the way.  

The VFD Difference…

Attending a course with Vegas Family Doulas will open the door to a world of compassion, information, and fun! We believe in living and loving; and what better way to do so than with friends. Because that’s what you are to us! Our childbirth education course is chock full of evidence-based information, but attendees soak up the information in a way that is tangible, relatable, and understandable. We walk with you through every section of the course, and go at a pace that suits the group. Vegas Family Doulas understands how exciting, and yet terrifying giving birth can be. When our attendees are able to grasp what labor and giving birth entail they strength intills and fears reduce. Our course facilitators work with attendees through their concern and uncertainties develop a working birth preference sheet. 

Dig what you read? Asking yourself “how do I register”? AWESOME! We’d love to have you in attendance. Our next How, When, & Why of Labor and Childbirth course streaming live via Zoom. Register to get the best seat in the house…yours! Have questions about all of our classes? Fill out our Contact form and we’ll reach out!