Maybe it’s a sudden calling…

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of achieving something bigger…

Maybe supporting is what you’ve always naturally done…  

Maybe YOU should Become a DOULA!

A doula is what one is, it’s what one does. The embodiment of supporting families through the trenches of the unknowns of childbirth and beyond. Being that familiar, friendly face among a see of strangers and ever roving visitors to the families that welcome you into their homes. Aisha Fanning is a Certified Doula Trainer with ProDoula, the top doula training organization in the world; leading the way for professional birth workers.

Upcoming 2022 Training Dates!

1. Labor Doula Training: January 29th & 30th 9am-7pm Pacific Standard Time (Virtual)

2. Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Training: February 5th & 6th 9am-7pm Pacific Standard Time (Virtual)

3. Labor Doula Training: February 26th & 27th 9am-7pm Central Standard Time (Virtual)

4. Postpartum & Infant Care Training: March 5th & 6th 9am-7pm Mountain Standard Time (Virtual)

5. Labor Doula Training: March 19th & 20th 9am-7pm Pacific Standard Time (Virtual)

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Do you enjoy being a part of a team?

VFD is looking for motivated team players to join our mission of providing nonjudgemental professional support to pregnant and postpartum families in the Las Vegas Valley. Working as an Independent Contractor allows for flexibility in scheduling, team environment, and paycheck without the stress of finding clients.

Are YOU the missing piece?!


***PLEASE BE ADVISED: While Vegas Family Doulas is constantly inviting Independent Contractors to join our team, attending a training does NOT guarantee a position with Vegas Family Doulas. It DOES secure you with on-going support from the ProDoula organization and it’s entire training team!***

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