Baby’s First Halloween

Posted on: October 27, 2020 | Activity, Babies, Children, Community, Famillies

Can I share something with you? I absolutely LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! Growing up, Halloween was a way to escape and be anybody I wanted to be. I would be the one dressed up at school, and even recruited friends.(Y-M-C-A!) In college, Halloween parties were the best. As an adult, I was the first one to ask if we could dress up at work. Cue a black cat, Cinderella, and a witch, to name a few. When I had my first child, her first Halloween costume was on my mind the moment October came. I dressed her up as a Wyoming Cowboy Cheerleader and we knocked on the doors of our 2 neighbors who were expecting babies. This began years of friendships and Halloween memories together. 

Halloween doesn’t have to be filled with ghouls and goblins for baby’s first spook. There are lots of fun ways to decorate, celebrate, and collaborate costumes with your little one. Because the cooler temperatures are here, remember that baby should be dressed in one more layer than what you are wearing. For the first Halloween, I call it a bonus! Since Baby is too young to have the treats, and too young to have an objection to the cutesy corny costumes that we so loooove to adorn them in, that means extra chocolates for you AND cute 1st Halloween photos. 

Baby costume ideas. 

An old lady/man costume is fun, especially if your baby has an “old soul” and already gives off a gummy grin. Classic pumpkin is a staple costume for a baby’s first Halloween. You can even take the creativity up a notch and carve a pumpkin for the baby to sit in. Photoshoot! For the itty-bitty’s, baby bunting costumes come in an array of foods, animals, and superheroes; such as burritos, bears, and Batman. 

Parents and me costumes. 

Anything with a theme or group to dress up for Halloween! Go ahead, this is where your creativity can really shine. Looking to think out of the box? (YAAAAY!!!) My favorite costumes are ones that are homemade. Raid the closet for some garb that can be put together for an ensemble. Fill in with accessories for a completed look. We’ve done Western wear, we’ve been bumble bees (Queen Bee and her workers), and we’ve done Disney with mom as a “villain”. 

Halloween Sibling costumes. 

A movie or tv show is always a huuuuge hit! With sooo many realms and genres to choose from, your crew will be the hits of Halloween. Our own clan has done Alice in Wonderland, Hocus Pocus, and Little Shop of Horrors. A circus theme or a zoo theme offers a variety of choices to collaborate from. 

Dressing up isn’t the only way to participate in festivities! 

Pumpkin patches and orchards provide beautiful fall backdrops for family and little cutie photos as well. Decorating the house (inside or out) will give baby a new perspective with colors and shapes to focus on, coo at and decipher. 

No matter how you choose to spend the month of October introducing your baby to fall, Halloween, and festivities, be sure to enjoy this fun little milestone moment with photos and memories.


from Aisha and Family at Vegas Family Doulas!