Baby’s First Holiday

Posted on: December 4, 2023 | Activity, Babies, Famillies, Fatherhood, Motherhood, Parenting


Firsts are so much fun. A first tooth cutting through a big gummy grin. The first unassisted step towards frolic freedom. That first taste of solid substance tickling the palate. Celebrating the baby’s first holiday is one of those fun milestones that you can get excited about no matter how old the baby. Here are some fun activities, gift ideas, and memories to savor for that first holiday tradition!

Baby’s First Holiday at 0-3 Months

A new baby won’t be too enthusiastic about a visit from Santa or the toy craze of the year. Therefore this is the prime time to create inexpensive memories and memorabilia. My favorite? Clay handprints. Those little fingers will be twice the size before you know it. Tiny Impressions is one of my all time favorite ways to capture a new baby’s (and older!) handprints. Another way to indulge in holiday activities is dancing with the baby to your favorite Christmas carols. Belting out your favorite version is a unique way getting everyone up, moving and grooving. 

For inquiries on “what should we get for the baby?” Think ahead! Next time the baby may be receiving gifts will be another 9-12 month at the 1st birthday. Between now and that milestone birthday, there’s 3 month, 6 month, and 9 month growth spurts and motor skills that will develop. Plan for older clothes that will suit the season and toys that will be age appropriate.

Holiday at 3-6 Months

At 3-6 months, your little roly poly is more active and alert. Still, there’s not too much razz-a-matazz that’s needed to impress your bundle. Activities can include a visit to the ‘man in the red suit’. Your 3-6 month old may be weary at first, however  that “separation anxiety” phase hasn’t quite kicked in; therefore your photo may be more cheery than weary.

Thinking of gift ideas that will help with the motor skills at this age: pinch, rake, grasp, shake. Rattles and shakers, as babies, are now able to see, hear, and hold more efficiently. Activity mats are always a joy with their textures and colors. Activity saucers make great presents to be utilized when a baby can hold their head up and sit unassisted at this age.   

Baby’s First Holiday at 6-9 Months

With your older baby along for a holiday experience, this is a fun age to be creative without breaking the bank! Your 6-9 month old is a silly machine with laughs and smiles for miles. The smallest thing will entertain and appease. For a fun holiday activity, break out some pudding (or any other edible substance) to use as paints. Creating masterpieces to give as gifts. Pull out the hand motions to classic holiday songs and perform them in a live living room concert. Grab some bells (bigger than baby’s mouth) and ring bells as you sing. 

Some great gift ideas for this age is to load up the baby’s library with an array of books. Usborne Books’ selection of interactive, educational, and activity-based literature cover all ages and stages from birth to teen. Bath time is also one of the favorite times of the day for this age range. Gift some building blocks, bubbles, and toy boats to help make splish-splash time that much more fun. 

Holiday at 9-12 Months 

Your one-year-old (or soon-to-be) is a mover and a shaker. Entertaining your little one with strolling along “oohing” and “ahhing” at the festive holiday lights on neighborhood houses. At this age toys that light up, make noise, and have movement will get your giggle-box going into a fascinated fix. Tickling 4 of the 5 senses. While cringe-worthy for us parents, the delight that the child showcases while engaging in this active play; truly is magical. 

Another fabulous gift for your older baby is a membership to an indoor play yard, a museum, or a dance/gym class. These out-of-the-house ventures keep your little one entertained and engaged; all while introducing them to new adventures and new friends. Which also creates new friendships for you!

No matter how the baby’s first holidays are celebrated, remember that the time together and memories created are the most significant gifts. “Go big or go home” need not apply for that first cozy holiday together. The years fly by, and enjoying these special moments will continue for years.