Babymoon Destinations in Las Vegas

Posted on: September 27, 2021 | Activity, Community, Las Vegas, Travel

“A vacation? But I’m 26 weeks pregnant!” Claudia responded to her girlfriend on FaceTime. “Yes, girl!” Her friend stated. “It’s called a “babymoon” and we have to celebrate your last weeks before the baby arrives.” “A babymoon? What is that…like a honeymoon, except with a baby?” Claudia chuckled out loud. 

What is a Babymoon

A babymoon is a getaway before the arrival of a baby to celebrate the “last days of freedom from responsibilities”. From the moment a baby is born, so are the parents. The years that lie ahead are no longer their own, as a new family dynamic has emerged. A babymoon is considered that last hurrah and celebration. There’s no rules or protocol as to what constitutes a babymoon. These getaways can happen throughout the pregnancy, or at the last weeks before baby’s arrival. Babymoons can be extravagent or low-key. They can be a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks. It’s all about YOU!

When is the Best Time to Take a Babymoon

When is the best time to do anything in life? Have a child…get married…relocate…change jobs…? Whenever YOU feel it’s right! That being said, think about your pregnancy. Has it been ‘easy like Sunday morning’ or more ‘shook me all night long’? Are you diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy? Have you discussed the travel plans with your care provider? Taking all of this information into account when thinking about and planning your babymoon. 

Thinking about 24-37 weeks, this is when the lost energy has since regained. Morning sickness has typically subsided. The risk of spontaneous delivery is not as prominent. Part of a babymoon is to enjoy the babymoon. Therefore pick a time in your calendar when you can truly indulge and relax into the moments. 

Where in Las Vegas to Consider for Your Babymoon

Las Vegas is riddled with little gems and golden secrets that are perfect for a little getaway. For the outdoorsy and nature lovers, the Grand Canyon, Mount Charleston, and Red Rock are an escape away from the city. The Grand Canyon West is a 2-hour drive away at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon owned and operated by the Hualapai American Indian Tribe. The scenery of the biggest canyon in the world is breathtaking. Get up close to the edges of the mountain, take a walk along the SkyWalk, and spend the night in a fictional wild west town with quaint building fronts, delicacies, and a wild west show. 

Mount Charleston is an hour to an hour and a half drive (depending on where you live in the Valley). The Mount Charleston hotel offers majestic mountain views, specials on hotel stays, and in the winter, snow-capped mountains. Red Rock is a sight to be seen. Pack a lunch, and head up to the beauty that is natural red rock mountains. Pockets of picnic areas, hiking trails and little critters will greet you as you spend the day out in the wilderness. 

For the city-slicker, Las Vegas has some of the best hotels in the world that even us locals do staycations. Many of the Strip, Fremont Street, and Off-Strip casinos offer local discounts on room rates, dining, and shows. The luxury of sleeping in a quilted comfy bed, bathing in a swimming-pool sized jet spa tub, and ordering room service can transport you into a whole new world. From the M Resort to Red Rock Casino, from Circa to The D, and from The Bellagio to Resorts World, Las Vegas has a staycation babymoon vacation for you!

For the “home is where the heart is”, creating a vacation within the confines of the home is the perfect babymoon. Preparing the nursery, stocking the freezer with meals, finishing up a project you’ve been eager to complete, or even resting and nesting. Ah yes! The sound of silence, a completed to-do list, a social (or non-social) calendar, and a great book, movie, or tv show could be just what the doctor ordered for you. 

Activities to Consider Planning 

If a babymoon isn’t in the budget or time to do so, there are a variety of ways to enjoy a mental and emotional vacation:                                                                                            

1. Massage. Physical touch brings so much release in the form of hormones, toxins, and chakras. The kneading, rubbing, and touch points of the body give relief to tires and achy vessels. Be sure to enlist the expertise of a certified prenatal massage therapist in order to ensure the safety of you and baby. Special oils, a special table, and you are in business. 

2. Romantic Dinner. Think outside of the box for this one! Maybe it’s a dinner out to someplace you’ve been craving to go, but never would. It could be a romantic picnic in the backyard, patio, or living room. Maybe a chef comes to treat you and your love to an in-home cuisine. 

3. Cuddling in bed for some Netflix and chill time. A favorite amongst many! With so.many.shows out among many different platforms, there’s never a better time to settle in and truly ‘Netflix and chill’. Love company? Invite your besties over for a laugh-fest or cry-fest. Need some alone time? What better way to finally indulge in your guilty pleasure shows. Want to catch up with the “cool kids”? Binge watch the latest craze unabashedly. 

Pondering the ideas her girlfriend threw out during their phone call, Claudia began to really sit with the idea that a baby moon may be just what she needed before her destination into motherhood. As the ideas swirled in her head, one jumped out loud and clear. It’s close to home, but would make her feel like she would be a world away!