Baby, I Love Your Ways! (Newborn Care Class)

Posted on: October 12, 2020 | Babies, Children, classes, Doulas, education, Famillies, Information, Motherhood, Parenting, Relationships, sleep, Uncategorized

“I hope you’re getting sleep now, because you won’t when the baby gets here!” “My baby cried for hours and hours, nothing EVER helped.” “I heard that you really shouldn’t do XYZ…” Oh…Baby, I Love Your Ways.

These comments swirled around in Abigail’s head as she scrolled through the feeds on her social media. Already overwhelmed with the thoughts of giving birth in the upcoming weeks, these words her mommy group shared didn’t help. Abigail’s nightstand, coffee table, and office desk were all laden with baby book how-tos. She had been reading, researching, and reaching out to her own friends for their own experiences and helpful tips. Abigail was appreciative for all of the self-sought input that she had gained, and yet she was yearning for more. She wanted to know the nitty gritty. The happenings that aren’t openly discussed, but when someone mentioned it, everyone seems to have a story about it. Abigail was looking for an interactive course to ease her mind. To build up her confidence as a nervous first-time parent. She was looking for a newborn care class, and Vegas Family Doulas was the answer.

Baby, I Love Your Ways, Vegas Family Doulas’ newborn care class, is a real-time, interactive virtual classroom that takes you on a walk through the life of a newborn from birth through the 4th trimester. Covering growth spurts, hunger cues, sleep patterns, and much more, attendees will leave with a greater understanding of newborns, and their overall operations. There are hundreds of baby books filled with great information on birth and babies; and this class dives into the newborn realm allowing for open discussions, questions, activities, and education, on all the “ins-and-outs” and “must-haves” for babies. 

What to expect…

Babies are tiny. Babies are wiggly. Babies are mysterious. However, babies will tell you exactly what they need/want, when you know what to look for. Imagine knowing that crying after a feeding, didn’t necessarily mean that the baby was still hungry. Take charge in knowing when your baby is ready a siesta, and when your baby is overstimulated. Gain confidence when monitoring milestones and growth, instead of guilt. Learn what to expect at the pediatrician appointments, and what beneficial questions to ask. Every baby is unique, and still there is an underlying foundation that is a base for all things newborn. Navigating how YOUR baby works, is the secret sauce to parenting; and Baby, I Love Your Ways, equips you with the tools to slather on the sauce!

Vegas Family Doulas know babies! Certified educator, Aisha Fanning, guides you through the wonders of the newborn stage with her bubbly personality and adoration for helping parents unlock their power as new (or experienced) parents. She’s been called the “baby whisperer” by our clients for good reason. With evidence-based information swaddled in a relatable curriculum, Baby I Love Your Ways with VFD is truly like your baby coming with that proverbial manual. 

Excited as we are for an insight to what to expect with your newborn bundle? Grab a snack, and join us in our online interactive Baby, I Love Your Ways newborn care class! With classes scheduled monthly, there’s one that fits your schedule. Don’t miss all of our upcoming classes, and check out our calendar HERE. We can’t wait to see you!