Body, Beautiful

Posted on: May 6, 2019 | Body, Motherhood

They’re yours. The dark lines of triumph (or defeat) form on each side of your abdomen, thighs, breasts, and more. The bumps, creases, and crevices of shapes that find their way into new places on your ever-changing body. Along with newly found self-confidence (or self-consciousness)…it’s your body, and it’s beautiful!

You Experience Puberty

The early stages of adolescent life shape our thoughts and views on our bodies as we grow. Our bodies tell us that we are capable of generating little humans. As young girls, we are taught that our bodies are our temples. They are to be respected, cherished and loved. As teenagers, we explore our bodies, examine the changes, and equate our bodies to our peers.

Your Body is Growing a Human!

We go through the motions and stresses of college, and the “freshman 15” daunts us as young adults. As adults, we shame, hide, negate, diminish, and even reluctantly accept our womanly shapes. Eventually, we get used to the skin we are in. We accept this womanly form that we have curated. And then, one day, it happens. You see those two pink lines indicating that you are growing life—new changes to your body.

Your Body Grew a Human!

With each week, you’re growing. Your body taking different shapes and dimensions. Who am I? Whose body is this? Whose breasts are these?! The person you once were, doesn’t feel like the person you are now. The skin you are in looks familiar, but feels like a stranger. You adjust meals. You continually workout, keep mindful, and watch your day-to-day activities. Monthly monitoring by your provider, and bracing yourself with each new milestone until the anticipated birth day.

Your Body is Beautiful.

Your body is growing life, your offspring, your soul. It may never feel the same again; and yet the newfound purpose of who you are resonates with a new rhythm. Remind yourself that it’s not forever, it’s only for now. Take the time to explore your new lines, your newly formed bumps, creases, and crevices. Remember that this time lasts moments in your life story.

The period of healing, recovery, and reconstruction will be waiting for you, when you are ready.