Alternative Therapies in Pregnancy

Posted on: May 3, 2021 | Activity, Body, Community, Health, Information, Pregnancy, Prenatal

Pregnancy brings about big changes to the body. Hormonally, there are shifts in levels of estrogen, prolactin, hcg, relaxin, and progesterone. Physically, ailments may develop as weight gain occurs, muscles are stretched, and organs are pushed and squished. Enlisting alternative therapies to aid in relief when the body seems to have a mind of its own, are some ways to combat any nuances or treat existing aches. 


With growing trends of getting back to nature and what’s natural, finding ways to address concerns and ailments in pregnancy are right at your fingertips. Chiropractic care, pelvic floor health, meditation and yoga, and acupuncture are five great ways that provide alternative therapies during one’s pregnancy. When researching which avenue and business to bring your growing temple to, think about the reputation, reviews, and repertoire you have with the service. These special therapies can bring balance throughout the pregnancy. Think about trying them out before ailments strike.


So what ARE the benefits to striking up a relationship with an alternative means to pregnancy discomforts while pregnant? Each therapy has its own benefits depending on the particular ailment. Chiropractic care during pregnancy helps to keep the body in alignment. The back, spine, and pelvis (or the foundation of the body) are affected by the bad posture and pressures that pregnancy brings to the body, seeing a chiropractor regularly is a winning act. As always, when pregnant please consult wise counsel and/or your provider before 

The benefits to knowing your pelvic health is important, pregnant or not. Pelvic floor health is linked to incontinence,which can be minimized and even prevented. Understanding how to implement exercises geared to your body’s particular needs is a tool that will benefit well after giving birth. 

Movement keeps the body agile and flexible, which is a fabulous way to prepare for labor and birth. Utilizing the components of yoga prenatally allows the muscles to remain flexible and can prevent injury as the body progresses in pregnancy. Yoga is also great for the mind. Preparing mentally for labor and birth. Finding solace in mantras and the philosophies surrounding yoga. 

Acupuncture is the act of inserting thin needles through a person’s skin on different parts of the body and in various depths. The placement of the needles focus on specific intentions. Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine, and is known to benefit in aid of migraines, infertility, morning sickness, allergies, and more. 


When discussing pregnancy and ways to treat, medicate, or remedy an ailment, it’s important to keep in mind that every body, baby, and pregnancy is different. Consulting your provider may provide that “green light” that you need to dive right in with care. Know who you are receiving your care from. Because not all businesses are true to the standards they present,  vet the experience, liability, and facility of the services you seek. Listen to your body. You are growing a person, therefore listening to what your body needs to focus on will help pinpoint the ailments. Overworking your body can put stress on the baby.


Las Vegas is riddled with businesses that excel in what they do for their patrons. Moreso, the focus on healthy pregnancy has been emerging over the years. When it comes to bodywork and holistic body care, Las Vegas has got it going on.

Some of our favorites and recommendation are:

  1. Chiropractic For Life. Dr. Shadia Koury has been servicing the Valley with professional and quality chiropractic care for years. She brings her extensive knowledge of the body wrapped in genuine compassion for the health and well-being of her clients.
  1. Optimal Physical Therapy Las Vegas. Dr. Julie Haake shines in her passion for pelvic floor health and empowering women to listen to their bodies. Pelvic floor health is so much more than kegels, and Dr. Haake introduces ways to be your best physical self: pre-pregnancy, pregnant, postpartum, and beyond. 
  1. Prenatal Yoga LV. Yoga is not new, and the rise in getting back to basics has put prenatal yoga on the top of many lists. Angela Reis and her team at Prenatal Yoga Las Vegas, bring a variety of classes geared towards staying fit and flexible during pregnancy; encouraging minds and bodies to be one. 
  1. True Health Acupuncture. This resource in the Las Vegas Valley hones in on traditional Chinese medicine’s approach to acupuncture in its genuine form. Providing treatment prenatally, in labor, postnatally and for baby, Dr. Angela Steuber at True Health Acupuncture expertise and care shows through the services provided to their patrons. 

As we introduce the next series of blogs dedicated to educating the community on available alternative therapies for pregnancy discomforts; we will share our favorite community resources to the Las Vegas Valley, and how their services are a gem in your journey to a healthy pregnancy and delivery.