About Us

We are all about YOU! Vegas Family Doulas emerged based on the need for new family support in the Las Vegas Valley and the growing knowledge of how important support after birth is. The term “postpartum” is associated with depression for most, but VFD intends to educate our community on the “postpartum period” and how to use it to recover from birth and build parenting confidence.

As mothers themselves, our doulas are no strangers to the needs of a post-birth woman.

With over 9 years of professional experience, the Vegas Family Doulas team has built their focus completely on improving the postpartum side of birth and all of the contributing components. VFD brings Las Vegas families the exceptional and professional postpartum support they seek out, they yearn for, and didn’t know they wanted.

Our doulas are trained and certified by ProDoula, and practice the highest standards of care imaginable. The services provided by our doulas are diverse in order to meet each family’s unique wants and needs. Packages are tailored to suit your individual needs.

Oh My! Look What People Are Saying About Us

“She was amazing. Came over. Helped talk me through things. Provided support and breastfeeding tips. Helped cook, clean and pack for a trip. I had no expectations. She exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for your nonjudgmental support. I was not coping when you came and you helped me and my family so much.” -Brooke

“Our doula was extraordinarily helpful at a time when I really needed it! She drove me and my little girl to appointments when I was not feeling well enough to drive. She helped me deal with my daughter’s gassy tummy. It was so great to have her help! I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. She more than delivered! Our doula helped build my confidence as a new mom. I highly recommend hiring Them to ease the transition from pregnancy to motherhood.” -Kristie

“I honestly don’t have the words to express my sincere gratitude! Our doula helped us understand our son better, and become better parents to him. Far exceeded my expectations! I was 100% satisfied.” -Denisa

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