5 Important Things You Should Do This Week

Posted on: May 1, 2019 | Community, Famillies, Friendship, Parenting

To do lists. Carpools and drivelines. Practices, dinners, homework, colleagues, meetings, etc etc etc. The neverending this and that. You know, the hustles and bustles of every life and it’s daily stresses. STOP! For a moment. Count your blessings, express your gratitudes, and be deliberate about what moves you make next. There are 5 things that you must do this week. I know, I know…I absolutely despise absolutes too. I definitely don’t appreciate someone telling me that I MUST do something. I do however appreciate getting advice from dear friends, and those who have experienced the same things as I. So, with that being said from your dear doulas at Vegas Family Doulas; take these 5 important things to do this week with gusto. A little can-do attitude and a grain of salt. You never know, you may surprise yourself and remind yourself to do these more often.  

  • Take a walk. Do it! Walk to the mailbox. Walk around the block. Walk to get coffee/ice cream/lunch. Just walk. The combination of increased heart rate and fresh air not only raises your endorphin levels, but can also clear your mind of the clutter that’s been clouding it. Your little one will enjoy the adventure as well. Strap on that baby carrier or break out the stroller. Either way, enjoy the jaunt.
  • Call a friend. Okay, okay…I’ll accept texting as an option. I will say though, that picking up the phone and hearing that friendly voice greeting your name lifts a spirit. Plan to spend some time catching up. Get to know each other again. As they say ‘check-in on your friends’.  Plan a play date that gets you two together with your crews. A park, your house, a play place. Creating new friendships among your little ones. This important thing is how lifelong friendships curate.
  • Complete that task/project/activity/book/etc. You know, that one thing that you’ve rolled over for days, weeks, months. Get it done! This week. That feeling of satisfaction in completing something worth completing is unmatched. Pick one that is more than halfway completed to not overwhelm or intimidate you. You got this. You may find out that the one thing that held you back, then, is a non-issue now. Begin a pattern that will be instilled in your little ones that completing something builds confidence. This important thing creates triumph over procrastination.
  • Dance. Dance with your children, your partner, your friends, your self. Get up, crank it up, and let loose! You know that song. The one that no matter the time or place, the moment it plays, you feel the beat flow through your veins. You begin to move. Freestyle or choreographed, in public or in private, get down and enjoy the melodies. For an even more fun experience, create new dance moves with your little ones. They love to dance too! This important thing gets some movement to the body.
  • Make a list. Weird right? What kind of list you’re thinking. ANY KIND OF LIST!: Your grocery list. A to-do list. Perhaps a want-to-do this-Summer list. Movies I want-to- watch list. My favorite, the Honey-do list! List get things out of your head and down where you can see them. Seeing a list that may seem long in your head, may be much shorter when you actually write them down. And oppositely, a list that was short in your head but written down is quite long, can help you see how best to organize and implement. Either way, you are able to get things done, by clearing the clutter from your headspace. This important thing helps eleviate stress, by brain dumping.

Adding these little steps in your week might surprise you as enjoyable. Fit them in where you can and where they will be welcomed. Mold and create what they look like for you and your family specifically. Most importantly, remember that life happens quickly. Little reminders to slow down are important.