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Celebrating the Golden Hour

Posted on: December 27, 2021 | Babies, birth, Body, education, Information, Labor, Labor Doulas

Claudia had read about it. She had heard about it. Claudia even asked her doulas about it. And here she was finally experiencing it! The infamous golden hour that is known to have a multitude of benefits to both her and her baby. The moment began so quickly as Claudia pulled her vernix covered baby up to her chest and wept.  What is the Golden Hour The golden hour is . . .

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Vaginal Tearing in Birth

Posted on: December 20, 2021 | birth, Body, education, Health, Information, Labor

“It happens.” Claudia’s co-worker stated matter of factly. “In FACT!” she continued, “My sister’s friend had to have surgery after HER delivery because the tear was SO unimaginable.” McKayla finished, and stuffed a fork full of salad mixture into her mouth. Claudia was just weeks away from her estimated due date, and was finding herself suddenly eager to learn all.the.things. “There’s just SO much information out there.” Claudia sighed. She had . . .

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Assisted Delivery in Birth

Posted on: December 13, 2021 | birth, Body, education, Health, Information, Prenatal

Birth is not broken, therefore birth does not need to be fixed. Birthing bodies are not broken, therefore birthing bodies do not need to be fixed. Baby’s know how to be born, therefore interventions are a moot point. What if situations arise beyond the scope of “normal”, low-risk, or safe? What happens when decisions in birth are made to provide a safe and healthy birth of a baby? An assisted . . .

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Cesarean Birth

Posted on: December 6, 2021 | birth, Body, education, Health, Information, Labor, Pregnancy, Prenatal

Nationwide, according to, cesarean births makeup statistically 31.7% of all births in 2019.  In Nevada, 26.8% of births were by cesarean. The Healthy People 2020 Initiative is to have births in all states have a cesarean rate of 23.9 and below.  Known as belly birth, c-section, surgical delivery, and cesarean section, a cesarean delivery of a baby doesn’t come without big emotions, thoughts, biases, and even misinformation. What is . . .

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