August 2021 - Vegas Family Doulas Blog Posts



Braxton-Hicks Contractions

Posted on: August 30, 2021 | Body, education, Health, Information, Pregnancy, Prenatal

Sitting and working diligently to stay focused on the tasks at hand, Claudia felt a pang where her belly sat. Then shortly, another one occurred. “Am I having contractions?” Claudia wondered. The pangs weren’t enough to take her breath away, but they were enough to make Claudia stop in her tracks. “Ohmf” Claudia made the audible sound as she sat at her desk placing her palm on top of her . . .

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Writing A Birth Plan

Posted on: August 23, 2021 | classes, Doulas, education, Information, Labor, Labor Doulas, Las Vegas, Pregnancy, Prenatal, VFD Team

Claudia was 36 weeks and getting down to the final stretch, and today was the prenatal appointment with her Doula Team. Up until now, Claudia and her Doula support team had called, texted, shared situationally appropriate memes, and kept in contact. Today they would all gather in the same space to discuss in detail her upcoming birthing experience and create her birth preferences plan. While Claudia set out waters and . . .

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Posted on: August 16, 2021 | Body, education, Health, Information, Prenatal

Tha-Thump…tha- thump…tha- thump…tha- thump…tha-thump Her heart was racing. Lying on the exam room table had been a commonplace occurrence throughout the pregnancy thus far. Today was a little different. There had been some recent findings at the last prenatal appointment, and an amniocentesis had been presented as an option for further investigation. Claudia’s doula had prepped her with information regarding the testing. Using her “B.R.A.I.N” Claudia opted to participate in . . .

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Biophysical Profile

Posted on: August 9, 2021 | Body, education, Health, Information, Pregnancy, Prenatal

Claudia was considered ‘high risk’ due her advanced maternal age of 38. She felt great going into her third trimester, both physically and mentally. Sure, there was always a bout of doubt with every ping or pang her body made as the weeks came; but overall she was healthy and happy. Her provider had ordered her a special screening for precaution, a biophysical profile. Claudia agreed to the screening due . . .

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Group B Strep Test

Posted on: August 2, 2021 | birth, Body, education, Health, Information, Pregnancy

In the third trimester, screenings and procedures may be conducted to prepare one for the healthy and safe delivery of the baby. Amongst these procedures is a Group B Strep test. This third trimester screen is an important one, as 1-in-4 pregnant individuals carry the group B Strep bacteria in their body. What Is Group Be Strep? Group B streptococcus (GBS) is a bacteria that lives in the body. Contrary . . .

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