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Alternative Therapies in Pregnancy: Acupuncture

Posted on: May 31, 2021 | Body, Business, Community, education, Health, Information, Las Vegas, Pregnancy, Prenatal

Pin…Point…Prick. Little tiny needles all over the body healing ailments both seen and unseen. Acupuncture is an alternative form of therapy that can be useful and healing in pregnancy. Although the thought of many pin pricks to the body can send shivers up one’s spin (literally) the body does a natural reset with the energies that are released through the precision of placement of each individual needle.  WHAT IS ACUPUNCTURE? . . .

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Alternative Therapies: Prenatal Yoga

Posted on: May 24, 2021 | Activity, Body, Community, Health, Prenatal

The flowing movements of the body. The mental release of the mind. The feel-good stretching of the ligaments and muscles. These elements of yoga do wonders to the body and mind, especially in pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is a great no/low-impact way to stay active and moving while your body is adjusting to pregnancy.   What is yoga and what makes prenatal yoga different? Yoga is a mind and body practice that . . .

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Alternative Therapies: Pelvic Floor PT

Posted on: May 17, 2021 | Activity, Body, education, Health, Information, Pregnancy

A jump, a sneeze, a laugh…ah, the perils of pregnancy (and childbearing) that cause little surprises in the underpants. During pregnancy, baby’s positions cause pressure on the pelvic floor. This, along with utilizing the same muscles to bring baby into the world, can cause weakness and strain. How can one prepare their body  to minimize these effects? Pelvic floor physical therapy! Read on for the benefits, risks, and what makes . . .

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Alternative Therapies: Chiropractic Care

Posted on: May 10, 2021 | Activity, Body, Community, education, Health, Information, Las Vegas, Pregnancy, Prenatal

Creak, Crack, Streeeeetch…ahhhhh! The precise skills of a chiropractor provides a soothing answer to the ailments that pregnancy can bring to the body. While the body is hard at work growing a baby, the body’s muscles, ligaments, and organs are pushed, pulled, squished. These bodily developments can cause new aches and pains that may take away joys of pregnancy. Routine visits for chiropractic care in pregnancy, can be a can . . .

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Alternative Therapies in Pregnancy

Posted on: May 3, 2021 | Activity, Body, Community, Health, Information, Pregnancy, Prenatal

Pregnancy brings about big changes to the body. Hormonally, there are shifts in levels of estrogen, prolactin, hcg, relaxin, and progesterone. Physically, ailments may develop as weight gain occurs, muscles are stretched, and organs are pushed and squished. Enlisting alternative therapies to aid in relief when the body seems to have a mind of its own, are some ways to combat any nuances or treat existing aches.  WHAT ALTERNATIVE THERAPY . . .

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