2021 Parents…You Got This!

Posted on: December 28, 2020 | Babies, birth, Body, Doulas, education, Famillies, Fatherhood, Friendship, Information, Labor Doulas, Motherhood, Parenting, Postpartum Doulas, Relationships, VFD Team

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

For 2021 expecting parents and new parents, the hopes of a different kind of world to bring their new baby into is looming. With most 2020 new becoming isolated from families, delivering with limited supporters, and protocols in place that feel straight out of a sci-fi movie, it can be quite difficult to stay optimistic heading into a new year. But hey, 2021 Parents, you got this! Really you do. 

What can an expectant parent do to keep sane, safe, and supported going into the new year?  

First off, give yourself grace. While we couldn’t have predicted what 2020 was going to bring to us, we can decide to not allow it to define us. You’re embarking on a new journey with a new addition coming into the world. While big and scary, your baby is a blessing and a miracle that brings hope of renewal and continuance. 

When life seems unfair or worrisome, that’s a great time to stop, breathe, and recite words of affirmation. They are not only for the birthing room. Mantras and words of affirmation or empowerment is truly like stepping outside and taking a big whiff of a new spring day. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed during your pregnancy or postpartum, say one of these phrases:

10. “My baby and I are one.”

Pregnancy: During your pregnancy, the baby growing inside you relies on your nourishment and health to help them thrive. 

Postpartum: Your baby and you created a bond in the womb. Outside of the womb, your baby is looking for your warmth, comfort, and security.

9. “I am strong.”

Pregnancy: You are single handedly sacrificing lifestyle, foods, and body to build a strong foundation for the baby.

Postpartum: You are strong! Raising a human being is not an easy feat, and each day is a milestone. 

8. “I am empowered.”

Pregnancy: Your body is developing into a realm that not every person gets to experience. The act of carrying a child is a gift, and that gift is glorious. Your labor doula reaffirms that sense of empowerment within you. 

Postpartum: The choices you make for your baby are the choices that aid in your successes as a new parent. Your postpartum doula gets to witness this empowerment unfold with you. 

7. “No.”

Pregnancy: If you don’t feel good about it, don’t agree to it. Exercise your right to say “no”. It’s a complete sentence that does not need an explanation. If you have questions or need clarity, reach out to your doula! That’s what she’s there for. 

Postpartum: This is where boundaries are set. Suggestions from peers, actions from family members, etc. If it’s not something you can stamp your approval on, voice it. You know your baby and your body best. 

6. “I will not allow others to make me feel guilty for my decisions.”

Pregnancy: Your decision surrounding the type of birthing experience you choose, the name you’ve chosen to give the baby, or even the foods that pass through your lips. These are decisions that don’t define who you are as a person, or the type of parent you will be. Live in the moment, enjoy these pregnancy months, and reach out to your doula to talk through your feelings if you need to.

Postpartum: Your decisions on where baby sleeps, how baby eats, or even the activities you do with the baby. Don’t let the doubters cloud your judgement of you being a good mother. When you know better, you do better and unless they are in your home 24/7, don’t waste your breath on defending your choices. If you have questions regarding newborns and newborn care, your postpartum doula is your guide. 

5. “I will live every day.”

Pregnancy: There will be moments in the pregnancy where you will feel like you can’t go another day singing to the porcelain gods, moments where you wish the baby were already here, or moments of dreading the next phase. These moments are natural feelings. They are striping you from living your best life and enjoying the now. Make a stance to wake up and do something that makes you feel like the superwoman that you are. Pregnancy is for a moment, your memories are forever.

Postpartum: This is a big one. With a new baby at any stage in the first year, days can seem long and nights can appear short. With lack of sleep and nutrition, one begins to live to survive as opposed to living and thriving. Wake up each day with intentionality. Focus on what matters and find something in those 24-hours that make you smile.

4. “I have support.”

Pregnancy: You have this in your provider, your family, your inner circle, your partner, and of course your doula. Be sure to utilize them by expressing what you need when you need it. Only you know how you’re feeling at any given moment, let those around you support you.

Postpartum: If you don’t have support or the support you are looking for, this is where hiring a postpartum doula will be of most benefit to you and the healing and recovery process.  A professionally educated individual whose main focus is YOU! 

3. “I feel supported.”

Pregnancy: One should totally feel and be supported during their pregnancy. There are a myriad of different ways to participate in this. Emotionally, attend support groups, meetups, or visit a friend. Physically, enlist a chiropractor, massage, or yoga. Mentally, there’s journaling and always fresh air and movement to do the trick. 

Postpartum: This is where non-judgment plays a big role. If one is feeling judged, they are not feeling supported. The support one receives during their postpartum period can create an effect on baby bonding, partner relationships, and developments of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. If you can’t confidently state “I feel supported.”, contact us at Vegas Family Doulas, right away!

2. “I can do this.”

Pregnancy: There’s only so much that we can control, and our cognizance of being in the moment is one of them. Trust that your baby and your body are capable. The trust in your birth team is there to assist you through the journey and transitions. 

Postpartum: Whatever it may be. Break down what you will need to accomplish , to make it more tangible than terrifying. Call on any reinforcements to help make it happen. And with your postpartum doula, it can totally happen. 

1. “I am loved.”

Pregnancy and Postpartum: Because you are. Point blank, period. Someone, somewhere loves YOU! Think about that person. Give them a call, and tell them ‘thank you’ for loving you. 

From the team at Vegas Family Doulas, we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year! When you are looking for and wanting an extra layer of support, empowerment, and voice of genuinity and compassion; 2021 Parents, Vegas Family Doulas has you covered. Congratulations!!!