Postpartum Support & Education

In a city where few know your name and even fewer receive the support it takes to make a difference, Vegas Family Doulas is nestled in and waiting to respond to your family’s needs.
We know that you expect exceptional care for yourself and your newborn and that should never be a crap shoot!
Our Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas are specifically trained to recognize the changing needs of the postpartum woman and the un-predictabilities of a newborn.
Accountability, reliability and a sterling standard of discretion is what our clients have come to expect from us.
At Vegas Family Doulas, every client is our high roller.

How We Can Help...

From post birth recovery, to solutions for fussy, sleepless newborns, our experts will help you feel like a winner!

Childbirth Education

Knowledge is power but we all know that the one who holds the real power is the BABY! Our classes are all designed to build confidence and help you understand how to care for your little one based on your desire to do what’s best and the evidence based recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Postpartum Support

We understand the delicate and personal nature of a family’s needs when coming home with a new baby and work to maintain that balance. Through attunement and observation, we learn the dynamics of each family we serve and support the systems associated with how their households run most effectively.

Lactation Services

The Infant Feeding Specialists at Vegas Family Doulas are experts when it comes to how parents feed babies. Allow us to assist you in creating an Infant Feeding Plan so that we may get in the trenches with you and support your every wish.

Placenta Encapsulation

You’ve read the articles and snooped around at the available research and now you’re considering placenta encapsulation as your “postpartum insurance plan”. We don’t blame you! We would too! And we totally understand why!


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About Us

Vegas Family Doulas emerged in 2017 based on a need for new family support in the Las Vegas Valley. The term “postpartum” is associated with depression for most, but VFD intends to educate our community on the “postpartum period” and how to use it to recover from birth and build parenting confidence.

Aisha Fanning, Owner, Certified Educator, Infant Feeding Specialist and Postpartum Doula, is no stranger to the needs of a post birth woman as she personally experienced it 4 times.

With more than 5 years of professional experience, Aisha has built her focus completely on improving the postpartum side of birth and all of the contributing components. VFD brings Las Vegas families the exceptional and professional postpartum support they seek.

Our doulas are trained and certified by ProDoula and practice the highest standards of care imaginable. The services provided by our doulas are diverse in order to meet each family’s unique wants and needs. Packages are tailored to suit your individual needs.


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