Knowledge is power yet we all know that the one who holds the real power is…the BABY! Our classes are all designed to build confidence and help you understand how to care for your little one; based on your desire to do what’s best and the evidence based recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Our educational offerings are private, take place exclusively in your home and include:

Your Baby and You! – A Parent’s Guide to Philosophies, Infant Needs and Parental Reprieve

This 2.5 hour private education class covers parenting philosophies, infant care instruction, an Infant Feeding Planning session and tips and tricks for parental self-care that will help maintain your sanity!

The Grandparents Class – Modern Grandparenting with an Antiquated Charm

This 2.5 hour private education class offers grandparents the opportunity to get current on new evidence regarding infant care while dispelling myths and honoring their knowledge and experience. Grandparents providing support to their adult children benefit from understanding the wide world of options and circumstances new parents face in 2018.


You’ve taken all of the classes to prepare you for your childbirth experience, continue the learning postpartum and round out your parenting journey!

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